Tottenham 'All or Nothing': Fans think Jose Mourinho plays Football Manager at Spurs

  • Kobe Tong

Jose Mourinho was placed under the spotlight at Tottenham Hotspur this season.

When ‘The Special One’ agreed to replace Mauricio Pochettino at the back end of 2019, he wasn’t just signing up to coach the Spurs squad, but also to appear in an Amazon documentary.

That’s because the delivery giants had already recruited the north London club for the latest in their line of ‘All or Nothing’ documentaries after the success of the Manchester City version.

‘All or Nothing’ documentary

It has shown football fans a side to one of the most iconic managers in history that they never expected to be privy to and it’s already made for blockbuster viewing.

Even the Portuguese himself believed that the documentary would show a more genuine side to his line of work and not necessarily the grumpy individual he’s been painted as recently.

“If people only watch the video that was leaked, people will think that I am a crazy guy,” the Spurs boss explained to PA. “I don’t know, but they will see the real Jose.


A new side to Mourinho?

“As I was saying before, nothing is fake. Lots of people will have a perception about me and now they can confirm if the perception is correct.

“If they misjudge me and they analyse me in a different perspective, I really don’t know. The only thing that I know is that I am that and what they watch is what I am as a football coach in my football, day by day.”

However, aside from telling Sky pundits to ‘f*** off’ and accusing Dele Alli of being ‘lazy’, supporters saw a facet of Mourinho’s personality that they especially didn’t expect: a love for gaming?


Does Mourinho play Football Manager?

Ok, stick with us here, but during one of the scenes in ‘All or Nothing’ when Mourinho was using a projector to demonstrate a tactical point to the team, the laptop’s apps were clear to see.

And one app that stood out to viewers was none other than ‘Football Manager 2020’. You can check out the amusing reaction on social media down below:

Does one of the most respected football managers of all time play… Football Manager?

It seems a little out of character for the ‘Special One’ and it could easily be a generic Tottenham laptop, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, but it’s not from without the realms of possibility.

Besides, Mourinho wouldn’t be the first person to have coached at Manchester United and had some sort of association with the game… and yes, we’re looking at you, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.


Solskjaer used to play

The current United boss said in 2013: “It’s a fantastic game, I have learned a lot about football. I have learned a lot about players, especially young talent.

“It resembles real life, when it comes to who will be good players. They have done incredible research. I remember thinking the same then, that I do as a manager, you want to give young guns the chance, see them develop.

“You could push a few buttons and get extra millions to buy a player. I never enjoyed that. I would rather win in spite of, than because of.” 


Perhaps there’s hope for us all yet…

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