Lionel Messi saga: Arturo Vidal criticises Barcelona for only having 13 professional players

Vidal claims Barcelona only have 13 professional players

The shocking news that Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona broke last week.

Since then, we've heard reports about a back and forth between the player and the club and it's unlikely this situation will be solved any time soon. 

The Argentine superstar wants to terminate his contract, allowing him to walk away for free, while Barca are demanding his €700m release clause be paid. 

As you can probably guess, things are going to get complicated. 

Many thought we'd never see the day that Messi would want to walk away from Camp Nou. After all, he's been in the senior team for 16 years now.

The forward pretty much personifies Barcelona and the club's DNA runs right through their captain. 

But teammate Arturo Vidal doesn't blame Messi for wanting to leave. 

Vidal doesn't blame Messi for wanting to leave

In fact, the midfielder believes the club have been letting their star man down in recent years and claims they only have '13 professional players'. 

"Barcelona have to change their way of thinking," he told Daniel Habif’s YouTube channel, per The Independent.

"Football has moved on a lot and the [whole] DNA [thing] is being left behind because other teams are improving in other aspects.

Barcelona have struggled recently

"Football at the moment is more physical, more dependent on power and speed and the technical side is sometimes less important.

"The last three years are not what a team like Barcelona deserves. The best team in the world cannot have 13 professional players. You cannot always win with DNA."

"[Messi] is the best in the world, an extraterrestrial, but he needs help so that better results can be achieved." 

Vidal claims Messi needs help

That's a pretty brutal assessment from one of Barcelona's own players. It's clear the club are in crisis right now and are even being criticised by those on the inside. 

You can't really blame Messi for wanting to leave, can you? He's probably exhausted after carrying a team with just '13 players' for the last few seasons. 

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