Eddie Hall vs Hafthor Bjornsson: The Mountain posts first official sparring footage ahead of fight


We are used to seeing some big hits in the world of boxing, but Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson give new meaning to the term ‘heavyweight’.

Bjornsson has been showcasing his latest sparring footage on YouTube, showing much improved skills and landing some huge punches, rocking his opponent in the process.

With nicknames like ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Mountain’, it is no surprise that both of the former World’s Strongest Man champions weigh in at over 150kg.

The world’s heaviest boxing match is set to take place in Las Vegas in September next year, putting the two feuding strongmen face-to-face in the ring.

The rivalry reached its peak after Bjornsson claimed he was cheated out of victory by the referee in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition (which was won by Hall). However, the catalyst for the fight occurred in May when Bjornsson broke the deadlifting world record, lifting 501kg and taking Hall’s previous record of 500kg.

The rivalry between the two is not a well-kept secret, and there is certainly no respect between the two as Hall claimed: “If he (Bjornsson) was on fire, I wouldn’t p*ss on him.”

Hopefully The Beast’s fight can live up to his creative insults.

On Tuesday, a video of ‘The Mountain’ sparring with several opponents was uploaded on his YouTube channel. Although Hall is still the favourite for victory next year, Bjornsson has improved immensely from his last training video, and in such a short time frame as well.

It takes a brave person (or a stupid one) to voluntarily step into a ring with the Icelandic giant during training, and the video shows why. Bjornsson’s first opponent in the video is on the receiving end of a huge left hook and somehow manages to maintain consciousness, with more blows continuing to be thrown and landed.

Seeing the strength of The Mountain’s punches, it is unsurprising that he has predicted he will knock out Hall within the first two rounds of their fight. However, these punches are not being returned by Eddie Hall, who has also predicted a first-round knockout.


Hall went on to say that he wants to “teach him a lesson,” “break his jaw,” and that “knocking him out will be one of the most satisfying moments I’ll have done in my life.”

Although everyone loves a war of words, and these two are clearly experts, September 2021 cannot come soon enough.

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