Mayweather, Pacquiao, Ali: Who is the greatest boxer of all time?


Who is the all-time GOAT of boxing?

It's a debate we could have all day, every day, especially given how many legendary names have graced the ring. However, luckily for us it's a debate that can get fans talking and posting their opinions.

YouTube channel ‘Rummy’s Corner’ recently conducted a survey on ‘’ with 24 participants deciding who the top 35 boxers of all time are.

To develop the list, boxers were given points depending on where they were placed by participants. For example, first place is worth 100 points. The top 35 list was created by the boxers who had the most points out of each of the eight weight classes.

Here’s how Rummy’s Corner’s top 35 boxers of all time list looks.


35. Jimmy McLarnin – 33 points

34. Alexis Arguello – 37 points

33. Larry Holmes – 43 points

32. Packey McFarland – 44 points

31. Terry McGovern – 64 points


It won’t come as a surprise that none of these boxers made the top of any or the participants’ lists. Larry Holmes, however, placed third in the list for the heavyweight division.


30. Gene Tunney – 69 points

29. Mike Tyson – 72 points

28. Sandy Saddler – 75 points

27. Julio Cesar Chavez – 76 points

26. Marvin Hagler – 86 points


It would seem the participants in this survey don’t rate Mike Tyson, except from the one participant who listed him as the greatest heavyweight. It’s surprising to see Tyson so far down this list given how highly regarded he is.



25. Thomas Hearns – 88 points

24. Eder Jofre – 99 points

23. Tony Canzoneri – 119 points

22. Carlos Monzon – 137 points

21. Pernell Whitaker – 157 points


Eder Jofre was the standout boxer here as the list enters its top 25 boxers. Jofre, although finishing just inside the top 25 at 24th, was voted as the number one bantamweight boxer of all time.


20. Jimmy Wilde – 158 points

19. Barney Ross – 174 points

18. Mickey Walker – 193 points

17. Floyd Mayweather – 234 points

16. Manny Pacquiao – 239 points



This list is starting to get a bit crazy now. Although it would have been great to see the two go at it again, surely Mayweather has to finish above Pacquiao here?


15. Joe Gans – 300 points

14. Roy Jones Jr – 324 points

13. Archie Moore – 347 points

12. Sugar Ray Leonard – 358 points

11. Benny Leonard – 369 points


So, Roy Jones Jr finishes 15 places ahead of his next opponent Mike Tyson. Jones Jr only retired from his professional career in 2018 and will now face ‘Iron Mike’ at the end of this year in an exhibition fight. It’s also worth noting that Sugar Ray Leonard was the first boxer in this list to be listed by all 24 participants.


10. Joe Louis – 495 points

9. Willie Pep – 572 points

8. Bob Fitzsimmons – 651 points

7. Roberto Duran – 795 points

6. Muhammad Ali – 909 points



How on earth Muhammad Ali can be voted as the number one all-time greatest heavyweight, but still finish outside the top five of this list is baffling. The top five must feature some absolute legendary figures... let's find out!


5. Ezzaro Charles – 1,001 points

4. Sam Langford – 1,305 points

3. Harry Greb – 1,448 points

2. Henry Armstrong - 1,524 points

1. Sugar Ray Robinson - 2,160 points


There you have it. This survey suggests that Sugar Ray Robinson is boxing’s all-time greatest fighter. The boxer enjoyed a 25-year career and was voted as the third best middleweight of all time and the best welterweight of all time by the participants of this survey.

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