FIFA 21 Career Mode: What are the transfer budgets for every Premier League club?

  • Will Day

With the release of the highly anticipated FIFA 21 merely just over a month away, more and more information is being revealed every day. 

The newest piece of information surrounding the game is the transfer budgets for each Premier League club on Career Mode. 

Thanks to FIFA Game News, we can show you the budgets for every single Premier League club on the new game, but it must be stressed, these figures COULD change from now to launch day.

Take them more as a benchmark rather than an exact figure, but without further ado, here's how much your club could have in their coffers come FIFA 21.


Arsenal have been allocated £71,516,000 to spend in FIFA 21 Career Mode this year, and in fairness to EA, this seems reasonable. Arsenal haven’t bought any massive names in this summer transfer window in real life, therefore their budget being fairly sizeable on this year’s FIFA makes sense.

Aston Villa 

Following just missing out on relegation and only just moving into their second season after being promoted from the Championship in 2019, Aston Villa’s budget was never expected to be through the roof. 

Despite this, they have been allocated £35,661,000, which isn’t bad for Villa as they have never been spoken about in the same breath as the bigger teams in the division. 


Brighton & Hove Albion 

Despite finishing two spots above Villa, EA Sports clearly feel that Brighton are not as financially stable. 

Although they are only missing out by £1 million, they still sit behind Villa, as they have been allocated £34,587,000. 


Burnley, who are currently on a good spell under manager Sean Dyche, have never been one of the biggest clubs in the division in terms of money. 

They have been allocated one of the lower budgets in the league at £26,182,000. 


There’s no denying that Chelsea have broken the bank this summer and overpaid for some players in order to make them a Blue. 


Despite their spending spree, FIFA still believe they have one of the biggest budgets in the league and have allocated them £72,540,000. 

Crystal Palace 

Crystal Palace had a very bumpy ride last season, and again, The Eagles have never been known to be big boys in the money department. 

FIFA has allocated Crystal Palace £28,346,000 


Under recently appointed Carlo Ancelotti, Everton are looking to kick on and put together a solid team to challenge for Europa League spots. 

It is clear that the board back Ancelotti, and they have been allocated £48,214,000 in Career Mode this year. 


Newly promoted Fulham understandably don’t have the biggest budget in the league. In fact, they have one of the smallest of all Premier League teams inside FIFA 21 Career Mode. 

The Whites have been allocated £14,976,000. 


Leeds United 

Another newly promoted team in Leeds United haven’t been given as much money as Fulham, however, despite walking through the Championship and recently signing Rodrigo for a club-record fee of around £35 million (including add-ons). 

Leeds have been given just £14,850,000 

Leicester City 

Although another good season for Leicester has been and gone, they still don’t seem to have the financial backing like the other big clubs in the league. 

They have been allocated just £39,415,000. 


Reigning Premier League champions Liverpool have only been allocated £77,221,000 inside FIFA, despite walking through the league and being given a substantial pay cheque for their efforts. 


Manchester City 

Man City, despite being always slated for trying to buy their way to success, haven’t even been given the biggest budget inside of this year’s FIFA. 

Despite this, they have still been given a colossal budget of £167,020,000. 

Manchester United 

The other side of Manchester is home to Man United, and if City don’t have the biggest budget, then who else would it be? 

Of course, it is Man United. 

They haven’t been allocated that much more than City, however, still a reasonable amount more as they have been given £167,488,000. 

Newcastle United 

Although there is no longer the big Saudi takeover on the cards, Newcastle are still an established Premier League club and still have a decent amount of money in this year’s edition of FIFA Career Mode. 

They have been allocated £29,901,000 


Sheffield United 

Following an unbelievable breakout season in last year’s Premier League, you would think that Sheffield United’s budget would be decent. 

However, this is not the case as they have only been allocated £19,930,000. 


Southampton sat nearly bang in the middle of the table last season and haven’t done a lot of business in real life. 

They have been allocated £30,246,000 


After yet another disappointing season for Spurs, not even grasping an automatic Europa League spot and having to qualify for it, at least one consolation is they have a decent backing from the board. 

They have been allocated £70,346,000. 


West Bromwich Albion 

West Brom have been allocated the most amount of money out of any of the three newly promoted clubs. 

This is understandable when you take into consideration how little they did in the transfer window. 

They have been given £16,524,000. 

West Ham United

After yet another disappointing Premier League campaign for West Ham, they are still being backed by the board, who give them a decent amount in real life and evidently on FIFA. 

West Ham have been allocated £35,711,000 


Following a great season for Wolves, their financial status has gone up to the next level. 

They have been allocated a hefty £40,320,000.

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