UFC news: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor rematch backed to happen

  • Will Day

UFC fans WILL see the Conor McGregor-Khabib Nurmagomedov rematch before the Russian retires, according to his coach.

McGregor has been backed to get a rematch against fierce rival Khabib after the champ’s coach has insisted he gets it done before he retires. 

Following their fight back in 2018 and the events that followed, it has been one of the most anticipated fights in the history of UFC. 

Up until very recently, there had been minimal talk among the two fighters about the rematch. McGregor had vowed to gain revenge on Nurmagomedov before his sudden retirement in June this year. 

This, in turn, dashed UFC president Dana White's plans for a record-breaking pay-per-view rematch. 

Despite his desire to fight The Notorious, The Eagle has also tried on numerous occasions to tempt Georges St-Pierre out of retirement for his 30th and final fight. 

Despite all the signs pointing away from the lucrative rematch, it is Khabib’s trainer who is adamant that the Russian will fight McGregor before he retires. 


Khabib’s trainer Javier Mendez, in regard to the rematch, explained, as per The Express: "Let's put it this way: If that makes the most money out of anybody, then that means it's the most interesting fight people want to see. Correct?

"Obviously I would think everybody still wants to see that fight. Otherwise, why would they pay for it. That's why I think the UFC would do that." 

If McGregor did come out of retirement and fought Khabib in his final ever fight in UFC, you can only imagine the script that would come with it. 

Regardless of a comeback or final fight, McGregor rakes in the viewership no matter who is stood across from him in the Octagon. 


Out of the top 10 PPV fights of all time in UFC, the Irishman has been in five of them. 

Not only has he been in five of the top PPV fights, he has been in number 1,2,4,5 and 6. His first fight with Khabib ranks first in terms of PPV buys at 2.4 million, and sits comfortably ahead of second which is at 1.65 million. 

Khabib’s trainer also told The Express: "If I'm the UFC and I'm the president, I'm not going to let that fight [Khabib-McGregor] off the table.

"Especially if Conor wants to fight and Khabib is still the champion. Then you can make that fight.

"I wouldn't let them not fight. That's my job, right? To make the most money for the company."

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