Arsenal: Video of Dennis Bergkamp's best assists for the club is so good it's gone viral

Dennis Bergkamp - a footballer like no other!

Dennis Bergkamp was a player unlike any other.

The silky Dutchman made the hostile arena of professional football look like a walk in the park and he rightfully has a statue in his honour outside Arsenal's Emirates Stadium.

Bergkamp's technique and first touch are attributes that those who saw him at his best will wax lyrical about for years to come.

It was almost like the guy was playing a different sport to those around him and during his peak years with Arsenal, the Dutchman was simply unplayable.

In his 402 games with the Gunners, Bergkamp scored 109 goals and provided 74 assists.

Bergkamp's statue outside the Emirates

While they may not be the most eye-catching numbers in the era of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Bergkamp's game was about far more than just statistics.

Whenever he setup a teammate, it was usually a thing of beauty and Twitter user @msceducation has created a short video of the Dutchman's best assists during his time with Arsenal - and one from his days at Ajax for good measure.

So sit back, grab a tea or a coffee and marvel at the many masterpieces created by one of football's supreme artists.

“Behind every pass there must be a thought," a quote from the man himself that perfectly describes the method behind his ability to assist his teammates with such deft brilliance.

A lot of footballers - even some very good ones - will often rush a pass in a situation whereby they are surrounded by opposing defenders or the angles appear too tight to the naked eye.

But not Bergkamp. As if the rest of the world was moving in slow motion, the Dutchman always had a trick or a pass up his sleeve to find space that mere mortals would not even notice.

Kevin De Bruyne is the only man currently playing in the Premier League capable of emulating Bergkamp and to be fair to the Belgian, he's certainly on a par with the Arsenal legend ability wise.

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