WWE News: NXT UK Champion WALTER wants match with 'intense' Drew McIntyre [Exclusive]

WALTER wants a match with WWE Champion McIntyre

There’s not a more dominant champion in WWE right now than WALTER.

The NXT UK star has held his title belt for over 517 days, successfully defending against the likes of Joe Coffey, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne throughout that run.

Yes, the British brand has been on hiatus since mid-March, but when it returns later this month, you’ll struggle to find anyone on the roster that can take the belt from WALTER anytime soon. 

He’s proven himself as the top star right now and is going to be the man that leads NXT UK into this post-COVID wrestling world. 

That’s a task the Austrian is more than ready for, it seems.

Speaking exclusively to GIVEMESPORT, WALTER revealed how he’s going to handle the pressure of being NXT UK’s top guy again. 

“I’ve just got to keep on going like I usually do. The only thing I can do, is do everything to the best of my ability. If I let things get into my head I lose focus,” he said.

WALTER is ready to lead WWE

(Photo credit: WWE)

“500 days is a long run with a title, but to be fair, we’ve had half a year break. We’ve got to put it into perspective but going forward, these new tapings will give us a chance to step up.” 

While NXT UK was forced into a break, WWE’s main roster continued working through the pandemic stateside. 

Back at WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre became the first British wrestler to win the world heavyweight championship and he’s been one of the stars carrying WWE ever since. 

McIntyre won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

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His efforts have not gone unnoticed by WALTER either and the UK Champion is hoping for a singles match with the ‘intense’ McIntyre one day soon. 

“I’m not focused on if I want to go to RAW or SmackDown, I’m not that sort of guy. But I have a lot of respect for Drew.

He represents European wrestling as a whole very well in the United States.

“I really like his style of wrestling, he’s a big and tall guy, very intense. I’m hoping for a singles match with him one day.” 

WALTER wants McIntyre one-on-one

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There’s no doubt that a clash between WALTER and McIntyre would be explosive and it’s one WWE fans in the UK would be desperate to see.

The Austrian may have no intention of wrestling in the US anytime soon, but you’d be foolish to rule out the pair crossing paths in the near future. 

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