AEW All Out: Matt Hardy spot receives serious backlash from wrestling fans


A Matt Hardy botch last night caused the match official to throw up the ‘X’ sign in what looked a very serious misjudged spot.

Previously an employee of industry top dogs WWE, Hardy made the switch to AEW in the midst of the initial pandemic outbreak earlier this year. It seems obvious that Hardy has had a lot more creative freedom with his character and less ‘red tape’ holding him back in Tony Khan’s company.

AEW’s approach to business is to present the best product they can, rather than imitating entertainment giants WWE, and thus far, they have produced a very authentic and refreshing alternative to the corporate world of WWE.

Unfortunately, sports entertainment is not ballet, and accidents do occur; last night at a marquee PPV event for Khan’s promotion ‘All Out’, this proved all too true…

In a high spot between Hardy and Sammy Guevara, we saw the pair ascend on an electronic platform with Guevara spearing Hardy off onto the concrete floor, missing the table below almost completely.

Hardy looked lifeless for moments after the botch and caused concern for the referee, who threw her hands up in an ‘X’ sign to indicate the match needed to end for fear of safety to the performer.

Even though Hardy had suffered a concussion due to the fall, and a halt to the match, the bout was allowed to continue. AEW are now suffering the backlash.

Hardy’s wife Reby was evidently furious with the decision made to continue and feared for his health, with her tweet reading: “Let me be absolutely f***ing clear. There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building.”

She went on to reveal the texts sent to Matt in concern for his wellbeing, and it is quite clear she was not happy.

The industry has come a long way since the days of never breaking kayfabe, whereby, back in the day, it was ingrained in the performers to always finish the match no matter what the situation, protecting kayfabe at all times.

In a more politically correct world now, larger considerations are made for performer’s health and wellbeing.

Obviously, this is by far a very good thing to have happened, however, die-hard fans may miss the brutal old-school mentality of ‘the show must always go on’.

It must be noted that Hardy is recovering well, albeit, very evidently sore and still perhaps slightly in shock of the enormity of the botch at AEW ‘All Out.'

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