AEW All Out: Crazy fan genuinely made a run for Jon Moxley during entrance


In a night full of talking points for AEW, All Out did not fail to deliver on controversy and ‘holy sh**’ moments, with Jon Moxley’s match being no exception.

While making his way to the ring, during the middle of his entrance, a fan attempted to charge Moxley before being hastily grabbed by the security guard.

Moxley spotted the fan and seemingly stared down his would-be attacker before continuing his journey to the ring.

‘All Out’ was not short of controversy; a botched spot between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara saw the former badly concussed, causing enough concern for the referee to deploy the ‘X’ sign to indicate the halting of a match due to legitimate injury.

AEW is one of the first organisations to allow fans back into attendance since the pandemic outbreak in March, albeit at a reduced and limited capacity.

Sports entertainment is a completely different beast with fans back in attendance and arenas at full capacity; performers thrive and feed off of the energy of a live crowd and often allow audiences to dictate the direction of the performance, whether this be a ‘promo’ or a matchup.

Moxley was another one of WWE’s elite to make the switch to Tony Khan’s promotion along with fellow colleagues Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho to name a few.

Moxley went on to face MJF with the champion successfully gaining the win via pinfall, retaining his AEW world championship in the process.

Moxley has been a solid bet since joining the start-up promotion and is now a real draw. He claims to have not really had the creative control whilst in WWE, so this is something he’ll most certainly be relishing.

AEW is certainly on the rise having only been formed in 2019; let’s hope that in years to come, Khan’s promotion can rival that of Vince McMahon’s beloved WWE for what would be the first time since the Monday Night Wars between the WWF at the time and Ted Turner’s WCW.

Fingers crossed.

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