New Mario Kart game will let you drive around your own house


Mario Kart Live is the new augmented reality game that allows the gamer to turn their bedrooms or living rooms or wherever their surrounding may be, into a race circuit.

Once the user has set up, the cars and virtual racecourse of the gamer’s choice appear on the console’s screen, not too dissimilar from the classic Mario Kart game.

Nintendo's official description reads: "The physical kart responds to boosts in-game and in the real world, stops when hit with an item and can be affected in different ways depending on the race.

"Players place gates to create a custom course layout in their home, where the only limit is their imagination. Race against Koopalings in Grand Prix, unlock a variety of course customisations and costumes for Mario or Luigi, and play with up to four players in local multiplayer mode."

Scheduled to launch on October 16, the game will be available in two varieties – Mario and Luigi – for £99 in the UK and $99 in the US.

This news comes as a surprise for fans as Nintendo confirmed it was bringing back Super Mario 64.

The gaming juggernauts announced that it will be re-releasing a series of classic games, including 'Super Mario Sunshine', 'Super Mario Galaxy' and 'Super Mario 3D World'.

Nintendo’s Super Mario series turns 35 this year, feel old yet?

As part of Nintendo’s birthday celebration for Super Mario, Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on September 18, with a limited run until around March 31, 2021.

On top of this, Mario 3D World will also be coming to Switch on February 12, 2021.

On September 3, Nintendo re-released Super Mario All-Stars, the Super NES collection which boasts remastered versions of 'Super Mario Bros.', 'Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels', 'Super Mario Bros. 2', and 'Super Mario Bros. 3'.

Nintendo stated in a press release: "The exciting package also includes Super Mario Bros. 35... a Mario-themed battle royale.


"Welcome to Super Mario Bros.... with 35 players. In this competitive online battle game, 35 players will compete to be the last Mario standing... or running.

"Enemies defeated will be sent to other players' courses, but that also works the other way around! Players can activate special items to try and outpace their opponents."

Super Mario Bros. 35 will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch on October 1 as a digital freebie for online members.

And there it is, Nintendo certainly know how to throw a birthday party!


Nintendo is now 35 years and counting, often seen as the third-best console and gaming company behind XBOX and PlayStation respectively.

Nintendo seems to have hit cult status amongst die hard gaming fans; especially for people born in the 80’s and 90’s who have grown up on these beloved games and characters.

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