PlayStation 5: When can I pre-order a PS5?


Despite Sony's best efforts at trying to keep the pre-order date a secret, a leak by a known hacker suggests there isn't much longer to wait before you can put your money down for the new console. 

Leaker IronManPS5, who has been both right and wrong in the past so it's important not to take this as 100% gospel truth, went to Twitter to release that the PlayStation 5 pre-order will launch on September 9... that is this Wednesday!

However, Sony has repeatedly reassured fans that the console will be released in this year's holiday period, with further leaks suggesting it will be November - which lines up with the release dates of Sony's previous consoles. 

Additionally, it's been confirmed that the Xbox Series X is scheduled for a November release, and Sony will undoubtedly be unwilling to be lagging behind their competitors. There are also a number of game-bundles listed for the PS5 and a November release. 

Epic Games, for example, posted an update that a new Fortnite bundle, titled 'Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle', will be released on November 17. The package allows players to adopt skins of various DC villains, including the Joker and Poison Ivy.

It may the case that September 9 holds a new release of information by Sony, who have otherwise been tight-lipped in terms of details. 

Although, September 9 would be 25 years to the day that Sony's first generation of PlayStation consoles was released, which is the biggest factor that indicates IronManPS5 may be correct. Only the next two days will tell. 

One of the biggest sellers for the Xbox series was its backwards capability, and Sony seemed to be competing on that front when the PS3 was able to run PS2 titles.

However, a recent post on an FAQ page on the Ubisoft website confirmed the latest generation of console will work with PS4 titles, but not any further back, to the disappointment of PlayStation advocates. The post has since been removed, but not before it was seen and shared across the internet. 

So it seems that you may be able to get your pre-order of a PlayStation 5 in this Wednesday, if this latest leak is to be believed.

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