Football Manager: Groom plays FM on his wedding day


We’ve all heard horror stories about how the addiction to Football Manager has caused divorces after years of marriage.

But can you imagine the addiction to Football Manager causing a divorce within minutes of getting married?

Well, that could well have happened to Burak from Turkey who decided to have a few games of FM on the most important day of his life.

Burak had led Trabzonspor to six consecutive Süper Lig titles on the video game and, after a delay to proceedings on his wedding day, decided he would play two matches as his wife watched on.

"The photo was not planned," Burak told SPORTbible. "Basically I brought my computer with me to the wedding as I prepared a special video about the story of our relationship, but the size of the video was huge.

"And because I couldn't decide to how to transfer that clip to our wedding organiser, I thought the best solution was to bring the computer and they would eventually find the best way to transfer it.


"A person from the organization told us ‘only another 30 minutes!’ so after that announcement, I reached out for my laptop and 'jokingly' started up Football Manager.

"I mean, my wife could damage my computer if I wasn't joking around...

"I played one cup game, one league game and then shut down my computer."


Images of Burak playing FM and his wife looking rather pi**ed off soon went viral online. But it seems she found the amusing side of it on the day.

"It's hard to say whether she likes it [Football Manager] or not,” Burak added.

“Luckily, I have a wife who allows me to have some hobbies, as long as I can spare enough time for her.

"It would be very difficult otherwise because when I'm in the mood, I'll played 3-4 hours on a week day and 6-7 hours on a weekend."


But how did Burak first get addicted to the popular video game?

"Well, it was a misunderstanding at first,” he admitted.

“I was a huge fan of football and football video games in general, so when I was 7 years old, my cousin bought me Championship Manager 3 as he thought it was a similar game to FIFA 99.

"But after installing it, I complained about this meaningless game because I didn't know any English and there wasn't any football in the game.


"He apologised and offered me to trade the game, but I refused because it was a gift and changing the gift is a very disrespectful move in our family culture.

"A couple of months later I bought an "English to Turkish dictionary" and the first thing I was looking was the meaning of "continue" -- and here we are!"

Fairplay, mate. You’re braver than any other man in the world by booting up FM on the biggest day of their life.

We don't recommend it...

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