FIFA, Call of Duty, Battlefield: What games cause the most rage for gamers?


A new study by has revealed which games make people angry, and there are some intriguing findings.

The study was conducted alongside professional psychologists, as people over at surveyed 964 gamers to see which game brings out the most hostility, anger and aggression (physical and verbal) in gamers.

This was done by the use of the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire.

Topping the list was Battlefield, with the game coming first in categories of aggression and anger. It didn’t top the list in the hostility category, though, with Minecraft surprisingly taking the top spot.

Coming in second place was Call of Duty, with the game coming a close second behind Battlefield in terms of verbal aggression and anger. The game was nearly joint top with Battlefield in physical aggression.

FIFA came third in the list of aggression and hostility, but placed fourth in the anger category.

However, the biggest shock of the list, perhaps, is the inclusion of Animal Crossing inside the top four of physical aggression. Animal Crossing has been known for its relaxing feel to this game, but in terms of  physical aggression, it comes in front of Grand Theft Auto: Online.


Minecraft was top in the hostility category and also placed third in the anger category, above FIFA and Grand Theft Auto: Online.

Other games that were included in this study included Fortnite, Mario Kart, Pokémon, The Sims and Super Smash Bros.

The game which placed bottom in all of these categories was Candy Crush, which won’t surprise anyone at all.

As previously mentioned, the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire was used to collect this data. On a five-point Likert scale, 29 questions were asked in total and the closer to one that respondents scored, the more aggressive gamers were found to be.


Gamers were asked to respond to statements that went from extremely uncharacteristic to extremely characteristic.

For analysis purposes, gamers were asked to rank their three most popular games they play and on what console they play it on.

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