Floyd Mayweather's team: The crazy requirements to join Money's entourage


Aside from being a world-renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather is recognised for his flamboyant lifestyle outside the ring just as well as his previous performances on the canvas.

And as you can imagine, he pays his 'Money Team' entourage quite handsomely - which is rumoured to be around $150k per annum. 

However, what does it take to establish yourself as part of Mayweather's entourage? Well, it isn't your usual 9-5, I can promise you that. 

According to a YouTube video that provides an inside look on what it takes to protect and serve Mr Mayweather himself, there's a list of fairly unusual requirements. 

Firstly, you have to be big. And no, we're not talking 'I'm six foot I swear' big - you need be very, very big. For example, one of Mayweather's trusted protectors stands at just shy of seven-foot and possesses the muscle which matches his freakishly-tall bodyguard physique.  

Interestingly, this mammoth-like requirement is so important to Mayweather that he purchased a second private jet to facilitate his entourage. The undefeated boxer became concerned that the weight limit of his entourage would exceed what just the single private jet could handle - so, naturally, he acquired a second jet.  

The 43-year-old also expects his entourage to carry anywhere between $80,000 to $250,000 of 'Money's' cash. 


Another requirement which was cited in the YouTube video is that you ultimately need to protect the ex-fighter at all times, which also includes attacking anybody who comes near him or an individual who has 'wronged' him in the past. 

Allegedly, Mayweather also has numerous codes such as 'sick them' or 'form voltron' when he would like someone to be dealt with. Although in this situation, his entourage are deployed as essentially attack dogs with diamond-encrusted Rolex's - these are genuine requirements to make it as one of Mayweather's right-hand men. 

Along with the occasional Rolex, Mayweather has also been known to treat his loyal employees with expensive bonus gifts such as a Mercedes Benz. 

Nevertheless, despite the seemingly glamorous lifestyle, Mayweather's men won't be escaping the less-desired chores any time soon.


It was previously reported that one member of his entourage was ordered to pick up Mayweather's fried chicken while he decided which high-end jewellery to buy.

I think it's safe to say he pulled the short straw there. 

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