Romelu Lukaku slams EA over FIFA 21 rating


It's almost that time of year again.

That's right, FIFA 21 is just four weeks away from being officially released, and we can't wait.

Whether you're a fan of FIFA Ultimate Team, or you prefer to take on the challenge of the traditional career mode, there's something for everyone.

One thing that we all love doing is looking for the best players on the game.

Everybody has dreams of building a team that consists of the worlds' top players as they look to score shed loads of goals.

But did you ever consider the fact that players could have an opinion on their own rating?

Some will be delighted at how highly they are thought of by the designers at EA Sports, but others have been left somewhat underwhelmed.

Step up Romelu Lukaku.


The Inter Milan striker is regarded as one of Europe's top frontmen after proving himself as an absolute powerhouse in front of goal.

As well as his lethal finishing, it's the Belgian attacker's pace and power that makes him an all-round huge threat for any defender in world football.

Unfortunately the team at FIFA don't rate him as highly as he rates himself.

Despite scoring a stunning 34 goals for Inter Milan last term, Lukaku's rating on the popular game remains unchanged, and as you can see below, he's not happy about it.

He tweeted: "Let’s be honest FIFA just mess with the ratings so we players start complaining about the game and give them more publicity... i ain’t with this sh*t. I know what i do."

It isn't the first time that Lukaku has taken issue with his ratings on the popular game either.

In 2018 the striker called out EA Sports for underestimating his acceleration on the game, saying: "I want an upgrade on my acceleration on FIFA... the pace is good but acceleration 70 something.

"I think you guys saw my sprint at the end of the last game right, are you guys going to something about it?"

GIVEMESPORT'S Phil Spencer says...

Romelu Lukaku is not a happy man.

Despite absolutely smashing it for Inter Milan last term it seems that his ratings don't quite tell the story of him dominance.

But to be fair, the team at EA Sports are never going to please everyone.

I'm sure that each and every player on the game would like to give themselves a 99 rating for every aspect of the game.


However that's not realistic.

With Lukaku claiming that his acceleration rating deserves to be better, keep an eye out for some blatant attempts to show the developers just how sharp his acceleration is over the new season.

He'll be looking to push those numbers up next term by any means necessary.

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