Jose Mourinho correctly predicted Man Utd star Paul Pogba's tactics vs Tottenham

  • Kobe Tong

Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba never exactly saw eye to eye at Manchester United.

As the Portuguese’s reign at Old Trafford began to fall apart during his third season, the spectre of his reported rift with the club’s record signing started to take its toll on the first-team squad.

It was reported that Mourinho went as far as calling Pogba a ‘virus’ and who could possibly forget the training ground footage between the two after being knocked out of the Carabao Cup?

The true Mourinho

We’ll never find out the true extent of the tension between Mourinho and Pogba, but let’s just say that going their separate ways has done nothing aside from benefit both parties.

Besides, football fans are starting to gain a new perspective on Mourinho as the fantastic Amazon Prime documentary ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur’ continues to air this month.

And quite remarkably, according to the Manchester Evening News, Pogba actually came up in conversation when Mourinho was shown giving his half-time team-talk against United.


Mourinho’s Pogba prediction

Not only did it reveal some of Mourinho’s thoughts on the player, but he also made a scarily exact prediction that couldn’t have been more accurate if he had tried.

“I think, for sure, sooner or later Pogba is coming,” Mourinho said at half-time. “And every time Pogba has the ball, he will have the vision, he will have the quality of pass.

“So I can imagine Pogba from a position like that [deep right of midfield] to get the ball and to make a beautiful pass here for Marcus Rashford to go.

“So Pogba will improve the quality of passing, so we need to press him. And we need to control what is far from him.


“They want to press all the time. You need to measure the risk, don’t make mistakes, don’t attract the pressure.

“One thing is to play short – one pass, another pass and then we go – another thing is pass here, pass here, pass there because you are attracting the pressure. There is a lot of space to counter-attack and to kill them.” 

The prediction comes true

And astonishingly – what happened? Pogba played a beautiful pass for Rashford to go, which you can seen down below:

Mourinho saw it coming

You’ve got to give it to Mourinho here because, well, he saw what was coming from the United maestro a mile off and clearly his Tottenham players should have taken him more literally.

In the end, though, the spoils were shared with Pogba eventually winning a penalty, which Bruno Fernandes converted to make it 1-1 at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

And although this clip doesn’t come any closer to finding out what happened at United, it goes to show that Mourinho knows Pogba very, very well and respects him for his talents.

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