WWE news: NXT UK stars talk new London set-up & challenges of wrestling without fans [Exclusive]

WWE NXT UK returns later this month

NXT UK returns on September 17, but not as we know it. 

WWE's British brand has been on hiatus since March due to the coronavirus, with months of tapings and shows having been cancelled. 

Now though, it's time to get back to work. Going forward, NXT UK will air from BT Sport Studios in London. 

Ahead of the re-launch, GIVEMESPORT were invited down to Stratford to catch up with WWE Superstars Jinny, Amir Jordan and Nina Samuels, who gave their opinions on the new set-up. 

"At first, we wondered 'how are we going to wrestle? How are we going to entertain everyone [in this post-COVID world]?'" Jinny said. 

"But you look at WWE and they're doing such an amazing job with safeguarding us, making sure social distancing is in place, to make sure we can work but we're protected at the same time."

"We've got an amazing set-up in London with BT Sport Studios, there's nowhere better. I'm biased being from Knightsbridge, but this is the best place to show what NXT UK is all about." 

Jinny is excited about the new set-up in London

While NXT UK's new home at BT Studios looks spectacular, one huge thing is missing - the WWE Universe - and that poses new challenges to those in the ring. 

"The new set-up is strange, it took a bit of getting used to. Seeing how different people react to wrestling without fans," Nina Samuels said. 

It was interesting looking at other people's matches in the studio. For me, it's allowed me to be more focused, without the distraction of fans yelling at me. 

"For some reason, they're not the most respectful towards me. I've been laser-focused on my opponent. You'll see an amped-up, aggressive Nina when we come back." 

Nina Samuels opens up on wrestling without fans

"The way I've always been is whether there are five people there or even no people there, you've got to bring it like there are 10,000 people there," NXT UK Superstar Amir Jordan added.

If it's just you, your opponent and the cameraman, you've got to bring it like it's WrestleMania. It was weird and difficult at the start, but once we got into it, we were focused.

"If you can do it when there's no crowd, just wait until we can get 500 people in there."  

NXT UK returns from BT Sport Studios

After touring for years with WWE, having a base in London is certainly going to be different. But in this post-COVID world, the UK stars are very excited to have a place they can call home.  

"We wouldn't mind having that as our home going forward. BT Sport could be where NXT UK is filmed out of [for the long run]," Jordan continued.

"We're the only professional wrestling company in the world that has an actual studio as part of the partnership. The facilities are incredible. It's true superstar treatment.

WWE will air from BT Sport in London

"Walk-in showers, bulbed mirrors, multiple dressing rooms, it's the best... it's better than the main roster!

"To have a home in London is amazing. You think London, Tokyo, New York. It's such an iconic city. If London can be a home for NXT UK, there wouldn't be a better place."

NXT UK will return on BT Sport and the WWE Network on September 17.

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