Tottenham documentary: Footage shows the argument between Lloris and Son vs Everton


If you’re not watching Tottenham’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary on Amazon, you’re really missing out.

The series covers Spurs’ 2019/20 campaign – a campaign which was full of drama.

Spurs lost 7-2 to Bayern Munich, Mauricio Pochettino was sacked, Jose Mourinho was hired, Eric Dier climbed into the stands to confront a fan, they missed out on a top four finish and that doesn’t even tell half the whole story.

On Monday, the final three episodes will be released.

And we’ve seen a snippet of what one of them will include – a fight between captain Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min.

The pair almost came to blows at half-time of Tottenham’s 1-0 win over Everton as Lloris blamed Son for not working back shortly before the opposition almost scored.

And that spat continued into the dressing room with the Amazon cameras catching everything.

Lloris can be heard telling Son: “It’s the same for you, it’s the same for Harry, it’s the same for Lucas.

“Make the run, one minute to go! One minute, we nearly concede a goal.”

Serge Aurier has to stop Lloris from confronting Son.

Lloris then shouts: “Make the run, make the run, make the run for the team!”

Mourinho then sits down his team at half-time and appears satisfied that the disagreement happened in the first place.

“What happened in here, I don’t know the whole of the story,” the manager said.

“I know that he wants you to come back, he wants you to come back.

But if you are a kid, if you a spoilt guy, it’s very bad. If you take it in the right way, you become stronger. Probably this would be something that wouldn’t happen one month ago, two months ago, one year ago, two years ago.

“It happened because now you demand more from each other, you feel more the responsibility where you have to give more.”


Spurs went on to win the game 1-0 and Mourinho described the clash as “beautiful” after the win.

“[The argument] was probably as a consequence of our meetings. If you want to blame someone for that it’s me,” said the 57-year-old.

“I was critical of my boys. They were not critical enough with themselves. I asked them to be more demanding of each other.


“Son is an amazing kid. Everybody likes Son, but the captain told him you have to do more and give more to the team.

“It is something needed for the team to grow up. To grow up you need big personalities. When you have that reaction I have no doubts.”

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