Cristiano Ronaldo: Twitter thread of Juventus superstar's 'best penalties and tap-ins'


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most divisive figures in world football.

Everyone knows that Ronaldo is one of the greatest ever athletes to play the beautiful game, but that doesn't mean that everybody sings his praises without a care in the world.

The eternal debate with Lionel Messi means that the Juventus star is sometimes criticised for, well, failing to match his Barcelona rival in certain ways, which is hardly a criticism, to be honest.

Criticisms of Ronaldo

There are also fans who aren't keen on Ronaldo because of his seemingly arrogant demeanour on the pitch, though it goes without saying that he shows his selflessness away from it.

Ronaldo makes no secret of the importance of self-belief in his drive to the top, which can often manifest itself in more self-assured comments than Messi would otherwise produce.

But everybody to themselves and there's no denying that Ronaldo, like us all, isn't perfect.


Accusations of 'Penaldo'

However, it's the cheap shots at Ronaldo that are the toughest to swallow and we've all seen the age-old accusations that the Portuguese is some sort of tap-in or penalty merchant.

There is, of course, the classic label of 'Penaldo' where people try to undermine Ronaldo's goal-scoring statistics by citing the amount of them, rightly or wrongly, that came from the spot.

It's an argument given extra credence for the fact 13 of Ronaldo's 37 strikes for Juventus last season did indeed come from 12 yards out.

But credit to fans of the five-time Ballon d'Or winner because you can't fault them for rallying around their idol and exactly that has happened on Twitter this week.


Twitter thread fights back

Besides, come on, we all know that Ronaldo scores a remarkable variety of goals with both feet, his head, from open play as well as set-pieces and is he supposed to just refuse all those penalties?

But hold that thought, because the aforementioned actions of Twitter user @MikangeloBall illustrate the point even better, drawing up a superb thread of 'Ronaldo’s best penalies and tap-ins'.

You can check out the thread in all its viral glory down below to see the Ronaldo videos that are anything but tame spot kicks and arriving on the goal-line.

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

To criticise Ronaldo for a lack of variety in his goals simply doesn't fly with me.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the Twitter thread has cherry-picked some of Ronaldo's greatest ever goals, so it does effectively overcompensate when refuting the point.

But you could easily pull up one of the many videos that have been made on Ronaldo's fantastic movement in the final third to show that those supposed 'tap ins' shouldn't be so easily dismissed.


As for the penalties, look, Messi and Ronaldo are both the designated takers for their respective clubs and their gross total of spot kick goals doesn't really stand up as a criticism.

Percentage of goals scored from the penalty spot? Hmmm, maybe, but Ronaldo still scored 24 goals from open play last season, which is still brilliant for a 35-year-old in a top league.

Besides, the only way that Ronaldo is a tap-in merchant is because he makes everything from long-range belters to mazy runs look as easy as them.

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