Ligue 1: Brest's Irvin Cardona scores incredible Puskas Award contender vs Djon

  • Kobe Tong

I hate to break it to you, Sir Isaac Newton, but you were wrong about that gravity thing.

There are certain goals in football that are so acrobatic that the famous apple-tree-wielding scientist looks to be completely wide of the mark – and that’s exactly what happened in Ligue 1 today.

That’s because Irvin Cardona of Brest has thrust himself into contention for the FIFA Puskas Award with a superb volley against Dijon that suggests humans can genuinely take flight.

Stunning volley vs Dijon

Ok, joking aside, you only need to look at replays of Cardona’s stunning 95th-minute strike to ask genuine questions about how he managed to rise that majestically to find the back of the net.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect finale for what was already panning out to be an impressive away win for Brest, who led 1-0 at the time after Romain Perraud’s first-half opener.

And what arguably makes it even crazier is the fact real-time footage of the goals shows him levitating and then returning to the ground in what seems like entire seconds.


Cardona destroying gravity

In other words, you get the feeling that Cardona hung in the air to connect with the volley in the same way we’ve come so used to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo score headers.

It makes Gareth Bale and Ronaldo’s Champions League bicycle kicks appear tame and Paolo Di Canio’s legendary Premier League scissor-kick feel like he wasn’t even airborne.

You can check out the remarkable strike down below:

I’m surprised he didn’t land back on the pitch with snow on his head.

There might be three months still to play in the season and sure, it wasn’t from 30 yards out, but we’re inclined to think FIFA should at least nominate it when you consider the insane technique.

If nothing else, European fans will keep circulating the remarkable screenshots of his volley for seasons and seasons to come. Who knows, Cardona might actually land in the meantime.

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