PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Analyst predicts Sony will outsell Microsoft consoles combined


The moment of truth is approaching.

In November, Xbox Series X and S, as well as the PS5, will all be released as the next-gen of consoles hit stores across the world.

The major question, however, is who will come out on top in terms of number of sales?

Well, according to various experts, it will be the PS5 that’s the more successful console in terms of sales.

In fact, it reportedly won’t even be close. 

Piers-Harding Rolls, Ampere’s head of games research, has studied the market potential of the two rival consoles, and revealed back in June that he expected the PS5 to outsell the Series X by approximately 2:1 over the course of the next four years.

Bringing the Series S into the equation has done little to change this ratio either.

This may surprise some interested onlookers given that Microsoft have revealed the prices of their two consoles, whilst Sony are yet to confirm how much fans will have to fork out for the PS5. 

It was recently announced that the Series S will be available for £250, whereas the Series X can be snapped up for £449. Microsoft have also offered the option of a monthly payment plan, which includes Game Pass Ultimate, as they look to tempt parents in search of early Christmas presents for their children.

Despite this, the PS5 is still expected to triumph over its competitor. This has been attributed to the range of PlayStation exclusives that have been announced, plus the “global brand allegiance” which has been developed since the PS4 was released seven years ago.

There remains hope for Microsoft of making a last-gasp surge, with fans eagerly awaiting news of how much the PS5 will cost. It is still a possibility that the PS5 will fall outside the limit of customers’ price range, forcing a switch to the Xbox instead.

However, for now, it is the PS5 who have the clear advantage. We will soon find out if these predictions become reality.

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