Neymar could receive a hefty ban for punching opponent who allegedly racially abused him


Neymar was at the centre of the controversy as Paris Saint-Germain lost 1-0 to Marseille on Sunday night.

Let’s ignore the result, though, and talk about the serious issues.

During the match, Neymar accused Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez of racism as a video emerged of the Brazilian saying 'racismo no’.

Teammate Angel di Maria was also accused of spitting at Alvaro.

Then, during the almighty melee in injury-time which saw five players sent off, Neymar landed a punch to the back of the head of Alvaro.

After VAR spotted it, Neymar was shown a straight red card.

On his way off the pitch, Neymar told the fourth official of a racist incident.

Then, at full-time, the world’s most expensive player tweeted: “My only regret is not hitting that a*****e in the face.”

He followed that up with: “VAR spotting my 'attack' is easy, Now I want to see it pick up the image of the racist calling me “MONO HIJO DE PUTA” (monkey motherfucker). That's what I want to see. And then? I do a rainbow flick, you punish me .. For a slap, I get sent off … what about them? What then?"

Then, when Alvaro took to Twitter to defend himself and claim he hadn’t been racist, Neymar replied: “You are not a man to assume your mistake, losing is part of the sport. Now insulting and bringing racism into our lives no, I don't agree. I DON'T RESPECT YOU! YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER! Assume what you say mermon ... be a MAN RAPÁ! RACIST.”

If Neymar’s allegations are proven, then you can understand his actions.

However, that doesn’t mean Neymar won’t be punished for his punch. In fact, according to reports, he could be banned for SEVEN games.

RMC Sport state that ‘the Disciplinary Commission of the LPF determines in annex 2 of article 13.1 of the Regulations that an aggressive action committed outside a game set and without causing injury to the opponent can lead to the suspension of seven games.’


However, ‘if the reason for the red card is an attempted assault, the penalty could be up to six’.


If Alvaro is found guilty of racism, then surely the French league should be lenient when it comes to dishing out Neymar’s punishment.

Because there’s absolutely no place for racism. In football or anywhere else in society.

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