New study reveals interesting insights into time and money spent on online gaming


A new study into the habits of gamers has revealed some very surprising statistics in terms of money and time spent when it comes to online gaming

The internet service provider Hyperoptic (via ISP Review) recently polled 1,000 gamers where they asked them about their online gaming habits, ranging from money to how much time they will spend playing these games.

And there are some interesting statistics that have emerged.

The study revealed that gamers spend up to three years of their adult life playing games online, which equates to 5% of the average adult lifespan.

It also showed that a gaming session can last up to two hours every evening around the times of 6pm and 10pm.

However, with lockdown coming into full force in March, the amount of time spent online rose to 10-and-a-half hours, which may not come as a big shock to many.


Hyperoptic also asked gamers about their spending habits in terms of how much they will spend on games and accessories to go with it.

Online gamers will see about £252.77 being spent on these games with the accessories, downloads and microtransactions. In terms of the average adult lifespan, this will total to an eye-watering £15,924, although this figure could be higher if it included console and single player releases.

Plenty of people these days are willing to spend a lot of money obtaining FIFA points to buy packs in order to obtain the best players, while others are also willing to spend money on other games such as Call of Duty.


Charles Davis, managing director for ISP at Hypertonic, gave his reaction to the study, saying: “It’s clear from the research just how passionate and dedicated gamers are to their hobby, reflected by the time and money spent on it.

“Online gaming is a popular way of staying connected to others and conversing while playing at the same time.”

These statistics will surprise many people in terms of the money and time that is invested by gamers online, but it should also serve as a warning to people who are currently spending too much time and money in the online world.

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