WWE news: Vince McMahon embraces Dominik Mysterio after SummerSlam debut


Despite losing his debut WWE match, Dominik Mysterio did not leave SummerSlam empty-handed.

In WWE Network’s 'The Day Of: SummerSlam 2020', fans are treated to a heart-warming moment between Dominik and Vince McMahon following the 23-year-old’s Street Fight match with Seth Rollins.

After losing an epic 22-minute fight, Dominik received some words of wisdom from the WWE CEO, who offered a glowing review.

“Very few people can get that kind of reaction whenever they’re in the ring, no matter how long they’ve been in the business,” McMahon said as the pair embraced.

“You should be very, very proud of yourself.”

Dominik certainly did not look out of place in a WWE ring, pushing the experienced Rollins all the way and showing that he has a promising career ahead.

McMahon’s quiet word, albeit in front of the cameras, were timely after Dominik’s emotional road to WWE.

Son of the legendary Rey Mysterio Jr, the San Diego-native has grown up surrounded by the sport, and his father was watching on as he battled Rollins.

The family have history with the Monday Night Messiah, after the 34-year-old attempted to extract Rey’s eye at Extreme Rules in July.

Though doctors managed to save the eye, Dominik accepted the challenge of his inaugural fight with revenge on his mind.

The rivalry intensified when, ahead of their fight, Rollins and fellow fighter Murhpy attacked Dominik with Kendo sticks, before the Mysterio clan responded in kind.


It was a harsh introduction to the brutal environment of WWE, but after Rollins gave Dominik his wristband at the end of their match, he emerged with his reputation advanced and had earned the respect of his peers.

It is little wonder then that Vince was so impressed with the debut.

If McMahon’s opinion is to be taken at face value (and, really, it should be), then Dominik’s future is very bright.

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