PlayStation 5: Will the new console be backwards compatible for PS4 games?


Sony have confirmed their latest PS5 console will support 99 per cent of the current generation games on the PS4 through the backward capability function.

There was believed to be some initial confusion surrounding how many of the PS4 titles would work on Sony’s next-generation console, but PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has now addressed this.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Ryan said: “No one should be disappointed, 99 per cent of PS4 games can be played on the next console through backwards compatibility.”

It is not, however, clear which ones will be in the one per cent minority, but on first glance, it does not sound like any of the more popular PS4 titles will be excluded.

In addition, Ryan also announced the exciting new service called the PS Plus Collection. This enables PS5 owners access to some of the previous PS4 classics such as: The Last of Us Remastered, God of War and Batman: Arkham Knight.

There was also an indication of the expected life span of the PS4, and much to the relief of its gaming community, there appears no rushed transition to Sony’s next-generation console.

Ryan said: “The PS4 community will continue to be incredibly important to us for three or four years.


“Many will transition to PS5, we hope if we do our jobs well, but tens of millions will still be engaged with the PS4.”

Indeed, Sony announced in a recent blog post games which are due to be released on the PS5 such as Marvel Spider Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy A Big Adventure and Horizon Forbidden West will also launch on the PS4.

So, while the next-generation PS5 is due to launch in the UK on November 19 of this year with the capability of playing PS4 games, it is also good for gamers to know that they can still keep on with their current console for a little while yet and can take their time to upgrade.

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