Lionel Messi: Incredible video of Barcelona's star's greatest passes goes viral

Lionel Messi - the greatest passer of all time?

Lionel Messi is often lauded for his ridiculous goal scoring ability.

Throughout his magical career, the Barcelona legend has well and truly mastered the art, regularly finding the back of the net over 40 times in a season.

In his 869 appearances in all competitions for Barca and Argentina, Messi has scored 704 goals and he famously notched 91 in a calendar year back in 2012.

Ridiculous numbers, but what sets the Argentine apart from other legendary goal scorers is his ability to create for his teammates on a regular basis.

His career to this point has yielded a whopping 298 assists and there's often a debate centred around whether Messi is the greatest passer of all time.

Messi celebrates a goal

Well, we think we have found a video that settles that debate once and for all. Twitter user @LSComps, you have officially won the internet for the week.

The 10-minute video features a hefty number of Messi's greatest ever passes and it's hard to believe that all the moments of genius stem from the feet of one man.

You can watch the glorious compilation below.

At the time of writing, the video had accrued 34,600 likes and 12,200 retweets, numbers befitting of a true masterpiece.

The way Messi sees angles and is able to then deliver perfectly-weighted passes into the free space is almost superhuman.

"He's also quite possibly the best passer of the ball we have ever seen - he sees things that ordinary mortals don't," Gary Lineker wrote for the BBC.

"It's like he's watching the game from above while playing it at the same time, but even that doesn't do full justice to his genius.

Messi with Barcelona in 2017

"I've watched many games of his at the Nou Camp covering Barcelona in the Champions League and there have been many times when I've seen him hit passes that I and the people around me did not see, and that's when we're overlooking the pitch from high up."

Well said, Gary. After an eventful summer - to say the least - football fans can now look forward to watching Messi delivering more jaw-dropping passes in Barcelona colours this season.

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