Premier League: Arsenal fans named top-flights most attractive - where does your club rank?

Arsenal fans top the list

It's a pretty good time to be an Arsenal fan. 

Mikel Arteta has his side playing some attractive football and the future certainly looks bright. 

For the Gunners to push on, a top-four finish should be made the priority. 

Considering they've had a solid transfer window, tied Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang down to a new deal and started off the season with two wins, it's not out of the question. 

It seems the good news keeps coming off the pitch, too.

That's because according to a recent study, Arsenal fans have been named the Premier League's most attractive. But how did we reach this conclusion? 

Well, decided to do a little social experiment, setting up 20 near-identical accounts on Tinder - with photos, name, hobbies and age ALL exactly the same. 

Arsenal fans are the PL's most attractive

The only difference? The name of the Premier League team they supported in the bio.

Pretty foolproof right? Let's check out how each fanbase did, from worst to best.

20. Southampton | 161 Tinder matches

It's an absolute 9-0 against Leicester when it comes to Saints fans on Tinder. Clearly, Danny Ings is the only person on the south coast who can score.

Look away now, Saints fans

19. Aston Villa | 163 Tinder matches

Must be the accent. To be fair, their bios are probably all shrines to Jack Grealish at the moment...

18. Newcastle United | 165 Tinder matches

The Geordies are famous for a good night out. Looks like they struggle a bit when the lights are turned on though...

17. West Ham United | 168 Tinder matches

A thoroughly disappointing 17th-place finish for the east-enders. We worry they won't do much better in the Premier League this season, either. 

16. Burnley | 174 Tinder matches

First date suggestions of whipping in crosses for them to be met with headed clearances don't appear to be going down well. 

15. Brighton and Hove Albion | 179 Tinder matches

Looks like that social distancing trial they did at Brighton was a good idea. That lovely pier isn't for everyone, it seems... 

Brighton fans are 16th

14. West Brom | 182 Tinder matches

Hopefully, your first date won't storm away from you as fast as Mike Dean did when confronted by Slaven Bilic last weekend.

13. Sheffield United | 183 Tinder matches

Imagine having to introduce your partner to Chris Wilder. 

12. Fulham | 188 Tinder matches

Just don't spend as much money as Fulham did ahead of the 2018/19 season... to get absolutely nowhere. 

11. Tottenham Hotspur | 191 Tinder matches

We think a trip to the brand new stadium is a great idea for a first date. It has its own brewery, you know? 

10. Everton | 197 Tinder matches

Got to wonder if the arrival of a rather suave Italian tactician had anything to do with Everton placing this high?

Carlo's arrival has done bits for Everton

9. Chelsea | 200 Tinder matches

Made in Chelsea has run its course, to be fair...

8. Wolves | 203 Tinder matches

The Portuguese are notorious for pulling, but sorry ladies, you're not all going to land Cristiano Ronaldo. Ruben Neves is pretty good looking though. 

7. Leeds United | 209 Tinder matches

They've been back in the Premier League for five minutes and already have more success than the likes of Brighton, Burnley and West Ham. We can see the football trending that way too...

6. Crystal Palace | 214 Tinder matches

That eagle has serious pulling power, who'd have thought?

Palace fans love their eagle

5. Leicester City | 216 Tinder matches

Good character. That is all.

4. Manchester City | 220 Tinder matches

High chance they were dating a Chelsea fan before meeting you. Money talks...

3. Manchester United | 226 Tinder matches

Clearly the people swiping right here thought they were still in 2013.

2. Liverpool | 233 Tinder matches

Ah, glory hunters. To be fair, we'd swipe right if it meant seeing a team win every single week.

1. Arsenal | 238 Tinder matches

Sheesh, it seems everybody is getting on board with the Arteta project. The bloke is tying as many knots in churches as he is with the opposition. 

Arsenal top the list

That ranking makes for pretty good reading doesn't it, Gunners fans? So, what are you waiting for? Get back on Tinder and update that bio! We're all Arsenal supporters today!

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