Metal Gear Solid set to be fully remade for the PlayStation 5


The list of impressive PlayStation 5 exclusives grows after reports suggest a Metal Gear Solid remake will be released exclusively on Sony’s new console.

The YouTube channel ‘RedGamingTech’ claims that the Metal Gear Solid remake is “definitely real and is coming to the PS5 and the PC."

This will spark joy in those wanting to relive a classic game or those excited to play it for the first time given its incredible reputation worldwide.

RedGamingTech’s source also confirmed that this would not just be a copy of the original game available on the new console, it would be a “full remake."

The undisputed classic was first released in 1998, and a remake would see the game rebuilt from the ground up to make the most of the PS5’s graphics capabilities.

Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and 4 are also set to be re-released on the PS5, however, these will not be remade for the PS5 and will only be small upgrades on the original games, but that just adds to the nostalgia, who needs 4K graphics anyway?


It’s been five years since the last instalment of the Metal Gear Solid series and a full remake of the original is possibly even more exciting than another sequel. After the disappointment of Metal Gear: Survive, fans of the series will be hoping there is truth to these rumours.

There isn’t much information beyond RedGamingTech’s potential leak, and even he is unsure how far along the game is in development. It could be a long wait, but the remake of this game will give lifelong fans a chance to replay a classic, but with modern graphics; as well as introduce a whole new generation to a franchise that changed the gaming world forever.

This is an impressive move if true and could be vital for Sony in what is shaping up to be the most competitive console release in years. This could also be a rare occasion where fans can play a brand new video game that’s older than they are.

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