Call of Duty: Warzone teases Zombie Royale mode


As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, the bedrock in any autumn gamer's calendar is the latest edition of the Call of Duty series.

Before Call of Duty: Black Ops arrives on November 13, however, leaks have emerged that could leave the hordes salivating with anticipation.

After Reddit user u/xShadowZ199 shared 30 datamined Black Ops Cold War voice lines on the social networking platform, it appears a Zombie mode could be added to the existing Warzone in time for Halloween. 

Nothing screams Halloween like having a new Zombie Royale mode on a Call of Duty game, but throw it into Warzone and you've got yourself even more excited gamers!

Black Ops Cold War is set to renew the series' popular Zombie multiplayer mode, but if the leaks are confirmed, a Zombie Royale mode could be introduced to the existing Warzone beforehand.

Sure to raise many an eyebrow, remarks can be heard on the user's subreddit post such as ‘zombies are not affected by the gas’ and ‘consume enough remains and respawn as a human.'

Most excitingly also, ‘you’ll become zombie if you die, a member of your team has to be human for inspection.'


Now although nothing is 100% confirmed and official, that surely gives away the fact that zombies are coming to the game sooner rather than later.

With Halloween only a month away, it certainly makes you think, doesn't it?

If the new mode is introduced, players are set to be dropped off in zombie-infested territory as a human, and should they perish, be able to reanimate as the undead. 

Whilst these claims are at this stage merely strong rumour as already mentioned, with the further hinted use of in-game radio communications in regard to battle intelligence, next month could yet bring a very early gift for Black Ops fans.

Halloween is about to embrace the Call of Duty world, and we for one cannot wait!

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