Xbox Series X: People are accidentally buying the Xbox One X


Ok, we've all done it: Visiting a certain store in search of a particular item/article/good, only on returning home to discover it's the wrong thing. It happens.

Now, Xbox fans, rather amusingly, appear to have committed the same faux-pas in anticipation of the upcoming release of the latest next-gen Xbox Series X release in November.

As one eagle-eyed Twitter user mused, sales of the existing Xbox One have soared on Amazon, despite the console's now seven-year reign.

What a very expensive mistake to make, and if you are buying it for someone else, they are going to be livid when they see you've got them the old console rather than the new one!

Noting a 747% spike in sales up until September 22, the console has risen to number four on Amazon's trending sales chart.

The particular list in name reflects current purchases, meaning the sudden surge in the console's popularity cannot be directly down to a measuring of unit sales.

The sudden rise could, rather humorously, be down to a simple 'X', in relation to the new console's Xbox X brand, rather than the former Xbox One.

Set to release in less than two months' time, alongside Sony's rival PlayStation 5, the two electronic giants will go head-to-head in the global market once more.

In a battle that will be more keenly fought than ever this year, with gamers old and new forced to stay indoors during the Covid-19 era, Xbox may, however, have ran into something of a foible of their own making.

Of course, the mistake can be easily rectified with accidental purchase of the older machine, but for Microsoft to note themselves, it remains clear - even in error - that appetite for the Xbox Series X appears to be peaking to fervent levels.

Pray for those people who are going to be receiving an Xbox One X instead of an Xbox Series X... and also pray for the people who bought them it!

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