Formula 1 cars have been redesigned as football kits


As both the Formula 1 and football seasons continue alongside one another in the sporting calendar, one clever soul on social media has decided to combine his love of both sports.

Twitter user Riccixrdo, a self-confessed Pierre Gasly and Oscar Piastri fan of F1 and F3 respectively, has built a reputation online as something of a modification expert.

The user, who goes by the name of Adrian, is currently producing versions of F1 liveries - team car designs - and creating slim-lined football kit versions of them.

No, seriously, and the end results are actually amazing.

Reflecting the colours of each team in question, the designs incorporate team shirts, shorts, socks and shoes, with full home, away and third kits.

Since the introduction of the FIFA gaming series clubs mode, fascination with kits, uniforms and jerseys has become greater than ever, and now liveries have been given their own own virtual makeover.

The stand-out version is perhaps Mercedes' World Drivers' Championship winning Petronas sponsor.

Creating Petronas lines for the side of the jersey, with the stars going upwards on the kit also, Riccixrdo opted for a black design for the home kit, and the pre-season livery for the away kit.

The third kit is inspired by Petronas themselves, as the F1 team's dominant Brackley-based sponsor for the past decade.

You can check all the kits in the images below, but we won't give away who is who, so be sure to have a guess!

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So there you have it, what a beautiful selection of football kits that have been made out of F1 liveries.

Admit it, you'd buy some of these if they were for sale!

With the Russian Grand Prix taking place in Sochi this weekend, and with eight races to go this season, it appears Riccixrdo may have exploited a gap in the social media market.

Which one are you buying?

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