WWE news: Roman Reigns blasts Jon Moxley for 'screwing up' The Shield

Reigns is upset with Moxley

Roman Reigns has blasted Jon Moxley - formerly known as Dean Ambrose - for 'screwing' The Shield and joining AEW. 

In 2019, Mox jumped ship from WWE after his contract expired and debuted on the rival promotion less than one month later. 

He blamed the 'mental and emotional exhaustion' from constantly battling Vince McMahon over his character's direction as one of the main reasons for his exit.

But Ambrose's run in WWE wasn't all bad. 

Alongside Reigns and Seth Rollins, he was part of the most popular faction in history, main-eventing multiple PPVs with his Shield brothers. 

The group were so popular that fans were desperate for them to reunite at any opportunity after Rollins had turned on them back in 2014. 

In late 2017 they finally did and the trio had a short run together again before Ambrose was written off TV after suffering a triceps injury. 

Reigns has slammed Moxley for leaving WWE

The Shield was the on hiatus for over eight months until 'The Lunatic Fringe' recovered, but by the time he did (in August 2018) it was clear his time in WWE was coming to an end. 

Despite working together with his Reigns and Rollins until his departure in April, the faction's final run was not as spectacular as fans were hoping. 

That's something 'The Big Dog' is still upset about it seems, blaming Moxley for 'screwing up' and leaving WWE

Moxley left WWE in 2019

When speaking about a potential future Shield reunion on Facebook, Reigns said:

Well I guess Ambrose or Moxley really screwed that up, didn’t he? He messed around and just left us.

"I don’t think The Shield will ever be recreated or brought back. That’s not just a situation because Mox went to AEW. It’s just, we were so good. 

Moxley now performs in AEW

"Honestly, I think we did the reunion thing a little too much the last... three years ago or whatever it was." 

Damn, Roman. Tell us how you really feel. 

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