YouTuber KSI believes he would beat Mike Tyson in a boxing fight


YouTuber, rapper and occasional boxer KSI has stunned his fans and the boxing world with his latest claim. 

The 27-year-old has recently said he and fellow YouTuber and nemesis Logan Paul could defeat boxing legend Mike Tyson, 54, in a fight.

The British YouTube star won his first, and only, professional fight last year by a split decision against American Paul, and he's now seemingly confident he could tackle one of the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.

This was the second time they faced off as the first finished a draw. Before that, KSI had defeated fellow British YouTuber Joe Weller in an amateur fight back in 2018.

The statement has stemmed from Tyson returning to the ring later this year. He is set to have an exhibition comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr on November 28. It'll be the first time he has fought in over 15 years; his last fight was the shocking loss to Kevin McBride in 2005.

Tyson's legacy is something to be admired as he was the youngest world champion ever at 20 years old. In his 20-year spanning career, he knocked out 44 of his 50 opponents.

'The Baddest Man on the Planet' has also endured some lows in his career, one being that he bit former world champion Evander Holyfield's ear off.


Despite the fact both men have had very different careers and experiences, KSI believes he could take Tyson in the ring.

In the latest video on the Sideman channel, KSI said: "I actually could (beat him) though, I actually could.

"I'm undefeated, no-one has beaten me."

KSI's friends and fellow YouTubers were quick to challenge his statement, before asking if he thinks Logan Paul stands a chance against Iron Mike. 

When asked this, the YouTuber replied: "I think Logan would beat Mike Tyson." 


His reasoning behind it was that age was on both their sides and that they would be preserved in the first rounds hoping to wear Tyson out.

KSI later admitted his coach, highly rated cruiserweight Viddal Riley didn't share the same belief, and texted saying there's no way he'd last in a ring with Tyson.

Viddal said: "You'd have to survive three rounds of three minutes, then possibly."

The internet was quick to respond to the video with many fans disagreeing with KSI.

One said: "Mike Tyson 100 years old on a walking stick dismantles KSI with one hand."

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