WWE news: How Roman Reigns vs The Rock should be booked leading to WrestleMania main event


WWE has recently found a way to make Roman Reigns one of their hottest Superstars on the roster again, and all it took was to make him a heel.

It's fair to say Reigns hasn't been this over with the WWE audience since he was a member of The Shield.

This opens the doors for WWE to put on a true blockbuster feud leading to a match with Reigns' cousin The Rock and this is how to book it!

Since Roman's return, he has gone by the moniker of Tribal Chief and said he is the leader of his family and illustrious bloodline. This bloodline includes some of the greatest wrestlers in history, including The Rock, Rikishi and his cousins The Usos.

Recently, Reigns has been feuding with his cousin Jey Uso and on Friday night attacked his cousin before claiming he'll never be better than him and that he is head of their family.

Last night at Clash of Champions, we saw Reigns demolish his cousin so badly that Jey's twin brother Jimmy had to throw in the towel before saying to Roman he was the Tribal Chief.

Depending on how close Jimmy Uso is to being allowed to compete again, this can lead to a feud between both brothers and Reigns.


The rivalry can include both brothers saying how Reigns has changed and lead to Reigns even taking out Jimmy Uso, making his injury worse in the process. Jey Uso demands a rematch, this time, in an 'I Quit' match, which could take place at Hell In A Cell in October.

During the build of this rematch, the father of both Uso twins, Hall of Famer Rikishi, could return. Rikishi could speak about how Reigns' attitude brings a bad name to the family and indicate that out of a family of legends, Reigns isn't the top dog.

The WWE Champion will then come out and mention he is the champion, adding Rikishi should be ashamed of himself for being known as nothing more than a laughing stock in a thong, and that his sons are nothing more than tag team wrestlers.

Rikishi can reply to Reigns that he isn't the most successful member of the bloodline, leading to Reigns attacking Rikishi and causing Jey Uso to come and make the save.


After Reigns destroys Jey Uso and makes him say "I Quit," the following week on SmackDown can have Reigns and Heyman gloating about how he is the Tribal Chief and head of the bloodline.

Then, at Survivor Series in November, you could have The Usos take on Reigns in a handicap match, which once again, goes in favour of the champ, who sees off both twins before grabbing the mic and once again claiming he's the Tribal Chief.

Leading perfectly to The Rock's music hitting.

The Rock then will state he is the true head of the family and if Reigns wants the mantle he must beat The Great One.


Naturally, the match will take place at WrestleMania as a match this big belongs on 'The Grandest Stage of Them All.'

The build-up will be promo heavy from The Rock, while Reigns continues to demolish SmackDown's talent in the meantime. Finally, leading to their historic match which will hopefully live up to expectations.

The match can end two ways; a feel-good ending would be The Rock winning, where Jimmy and Jey have their chance for revenge. Allowing the final scene being Usos, The Rock and Rikishi standing tall.

Alternatively, and more favourably, WWE can build Reigns as the biggest star in the company, a role needing to be filled since John Cena left, by having him beat The Rock clean. 


The end scene can be the most electrifying man in sports entertainment lifting Reigns' hand and placing the 'ulafala around his neck.

This passing of the torch would announce Reigns as Tribal Chief and head of the bloodline.


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