WWE news: Roman Reigns names his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling

Reigns has named his WWE Mt. Rushmore

WWE fans love to debate who the greatest of all time is. 

The Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Stone Cold are always part of the conversation, but there are so many other names deserving of recognition. 

Luckily, a trend has developed amongst fans over recent years - naming a professional wrestling Mount Rushmore. 

The concept is simple, pick four stars and put them on the mountain. 

Plenty of legends and current WWE stars themselves have had a go at creating a Mt. Rushmore too and this week, Roman Reigns did exactly that. 

Speaking to the Complex Load Management podcast, 'The Big Dog' named his four greatest stars of all time. 

"I’m going to start with 'Taker. That’s the easy one in my mind especially when it comes to overall," Reigns began. 

Reigns named Undertaker on his Mt. Rushmore

"I think especially the way he has continued to do it is Dwayne 'The Rock' [Johnson].

"Now we are getting into a really tough zone because you have to do Stone Cold Steve Austin because of what he stood for in transitioning the whole game, especially when it was nosediving.

"For a couple of years, all the marbles were on him. The environment of the audience was changing as well." 

Stone Cold makes Reigns' list as well

Roman's first three picks were easy, but he struggled to decide between two WWE stars for the final spot. 

"Then it’s weird because I almost put these two dudes in the same category, Hulk Hogan and John Cena," he continued.

"They are very similar in the kind of characters they were and the audience they drew. I guess I’m going to go with Hulk. 

Cena and Hogan were in Roman's conversation

"John, I don’t think anyone ever as a whole career sold more merchandise than John Cena.

"That’s just a true testament to Hulk Hogan and what he did. I think the revamping of Hogan and the NWO transitioned his career for another three or four years and allowed him to utilise the bad side.

"[Then he was able to] bring back the red and yellow and be the old Hulk Hogan as well." 

Reigns went with Hogan for Mt. Rushmore

We've got to admit, those are four pretty good picks from The Big Dog. 

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