Sergino Dest: Ranking the 15 worst player unveilings of all time


Why do Spanish clubs insist on making their new signings do a few kick-ups on the pitch upon signing?

What have they got to gain other than a few photographs?

Absolutely nothing.

But there’s plenty to lose.

One lapse of concentration and you instantly go viral for all the wrong reasons while fans are already asking why the club has signed you.

It’s happened to some incredible players down the years and, today, it happened to new Barcelona signing Sergino Dest.

The 19-year-old attempted to produce a piece of skill by putting the ball in between his legs and performing an ‘around the world’ but it didn’t go to plan.

You’ve got to feel sorry for him.

And it got us thinking: What are the worst player unveilings of all time?

From terrible kick-ups to posing with your parents, some of these really are embarrassing. 

15 | Sergino Dest | Barcelona

Dest’s was far from being the worst player presentation of all time. He even recovered from his mistake to produce this naughty piece of skill on the Camp Nou pitch.

14 | Douglas | Barcelona

You remember what we were saying about one lapse of concentration and you suddenly go viral? Well, Douglas probably produced 10 minutes of kick-ups but there’s just something funny about a footballer miscontrolling a ball and having to run after it when everyone is watching.

13 | Bryan Robson | Middlesbrough

There’s no problem with Robson’s touch, just his choice of attire.

The ultimate smart/casual look.


12 | Lee Bowyer | Leeds

Bowyer celebrated becoming the most expensive teenager in English football by inviting his parents onto the pitch when he joined Leeds in 1996.

He looks so awkward.


11 | Paulo di Canio | Sheffield Wednesday

Two Italians sign for the same club. Of course, the unveiling has to include them both pretending to eat a pizza.

It wasn’t anything fancy, though. Just a £1.50 frozen ham and mushroom pizza from Asda.


10 | David Ginola | Tottenham

Robson went smart/casual. Ginola went topless.

Why? Well, he does have a pretty good body…


9 | Omar Gonzalez | Pachuca

There might be an inside joke here somewhere but there probably isn’t. But surely the presenter gives away the surprise by revealing Omar Gonzalez’s name instead of him just taken off his Darth Vader mask to everyone’s shock?

8 | Mariano | Sevilla

Mariano will be glad his unveiling took place inside and not in front of a packed stadium. We thought Brazilian’s were supposed to be skilful?

7 | Paulinho | Barcelona

Barca fans were already sceptical of Paulinho after the club spent £36.5m on him. They were even more sceptical after realising he could only do six kick-ups.

6 | Martin Brathwaite | Barcelona

As if his arrival wasn’t already questionable, the former Middlesbrough man attempted two rainbow flicks which weren’t even close to coming off. It summed up his Barca career, in truth.

5 | Roberto Soldado | Villarreal

Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise considering he managed just seven league goals in 52 games at Tottenham.

After arriving at Villarreal from Spurs, Soldado was given a ball to kick into the lower-tier where the fans had gathered.

He booted it into the upper tier.

His second attempt had the same result.

Presumably, the video cuts out just before the fans walk out of the stadium in disgust.

4 | Marcelo Sosa | Atletico Madrid

Imagine falling flat on your bum while trying to keep the ball up. Surprised Atletico Madrid didn’t return him there and then.

3 | Ousmane Dembele | Barcelona

What does £135.5m get you these days? A player who looks like a little kid trying to attempt his very first rainbow flick.

Don’t worry, there were only a few thousand fans inside Camp Nou.

2 | Theo Hernandez | Real Madrid

When you arrive at Real Madrid from rivals Atletico Madrid, you need to make a good first impression. Hernandez didn’t quite manage with his pathetic attempt of kick-ups as he chased the ball around the Bernabeu. He quickly picked up the ball to save himself further embarrassment.

1 | Marco Perez | Real Zaragoza

Oh, this is just brilliant. He doesn’t even look very good when he’s dribbling with the ball. Then, he accidentally treads on it and takes a heavy fall.


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