Atletico Madrid's Luis Suarez accused of bizarre handball appeal during Villarreal draw


Luis Suarez made plenty of headlines with his Atletico Madrid debut last week.

Barcelona fans must have had their head in their hands when Suarez emerged from the bench at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and instantly provided an assist for Marcos Llorente.

And just to make things even worse for his former club, Suarez proceeded to score two goals of his own before the afternoon was out, putting the cherry on top in a 6-1 thrashing over Granada.

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Villarreal

However, unless you've been keeping a close eye on La Liga fixtures this weekend, you'd be forgiven for being completely unaware that Suarez had made his first home start for Atletico.

Suarez was rewarded for his debut brace with a place alongside Joao Felix in the XI for the visit of Villarreal, but it would be fair to say that his third outing was far less impressive.

To be fair, there have long been suggestions that Suarez hasn't been able to regain full match fitness since the Champions League exit against Bayern Munich quite yet.


Average performance from Suarez

And although Suarez could deliver a masterclass off the bench with less than half an hour to play, the same can't be said when 70 minutes of action were asked from him by Diego Simeone.

Suarez was eventually hauled off for Diego Costa with the game remaining goalless, but the ex-Chelsea striker couldn't make a difference either and Atletico were forced to settle for a point.

And things could have been even worse if it wasn't for a brilliant display from Jan Oblak, who reiterated why he's one of the world's best goalkeepers by thwarting Mario Gaspar in both halves.


Handball appeal... against a goalkeeper!?

In fact, one of Atletico's most eventful moments came from Suarez in bizarre fashion with the Uruguayan appearing to make a nonsensical handball appeal... against the Villarreal goalkeeper.

That's right. Some football fans on social media seem to think Suarez was inexplicably accusing Sergio Asenjo of handling the ball with footage showing him tapping his arm in appeal.

This isn't the first time

Look, I know what you're thinking, it doesn't make sense for Suarez to do such a thing. They've got it all wrong. He's appealing for something else.

Well... we'd think exactly the same thing if it wasn't for the fact that Suarez has been accused of this exact behaviour before and appeared to make he same claim at the 2019 Copa America.

Footage of Suarez went viral last year when he appeared to energetically appeal for handball against the Chile goalkeeper for, well, making a save that he's more than allowed to do.

Is there some sort of Suarez conspiracy going on here??? 

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

I hate to be a party pooper... but I reckon he's just making sure the referee gives a corner.

I absolutely agree that Suarez is gesturing to officials about a handball, but rather that Asenjo has touched the ball in general as opposed to accidentally thinking that Atletico should win a penalty.

Though it's not from without the realms of possibility that Suarez would get temporarily confused, the fact his appeal ended so quickly isn't indicative of someone shouting for a penalty. 


What complicates the matter is the Chile example and even I'm struggling to conclude why Suarez gesturing to his arm in that instance because it was obvious the 'keeper made a save.

So, sure, I wouldn't put it past Suarez's heights of s***housery to appeal for handball against a goalkeeper, but I'm not convinced that was his intentions today. As for 2019, your guess is as good as mine.

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