WWE news: The Rock's brilliant reason for overselling Stone Cold Steve Austin's 'Stunner'

The Rock took plenty of Stunners in WWE

You'd be hard-pressed to find two bigger WWE legends than The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Both men epitomised the Attitude Era and together, had one of the greatest rivalries in pro-wrestling history. 

They battled for the final time at WrestleMania XIX, with many fans fondly remembering it as one of the most significant matches of all time. 

But long before things culminated on the biggest stage in 2003, Rock and Austin had met plenty of times before. 

In fact, 'The Great One' often found himself on the receiving end of a 'Stone Cold Stunner' and became famous for 'overselling' it. 

We're using the term 'oversell' in a good way, by the way, because it was always brilliant to watch The Rock bouncing around the ring after Austin hit his finisher. 

Check out this video to remind yourself exactly what we mean:

Brilliant. But why exactly did The Rock always 'oversell' the Stunner? Well, he took to Twitter to explain it earlier this week.

"Good Lord this was an awesome time in pro wrestling. Electrifying crowds!" he wrote, responding to the above video.

"The crazy Stunner bumps I would take started by me trying to make Steve Austin laugh. If it weren’t for the crowds going bats**t you could hear Steve say 'Jesuuuus Chriiist' #OhHellYeah." 

Class. The Rock and Stone Cold knew how to have fun in a WWE ring and boy did they know how to work a crowd. 

Watching the reaction to all those Stunners also really makes us miss the fans. Just imagine how bats**t crazy they'd go if Rock returns to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania though...

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