WWE news: Celebrating Eddie Guerrero's greatest ever moment on his 53rd birthday

Guerrero's finest WWE moment came in 2004

Eddie Guerrero would have been 53 today.

The late, great WWE legend, who was beloved by all throughout his pro-wresting career, passed away in November 2005 at the age of 38. 

He was taken long before his time. 

It says so much that Guerrero remained a popular figure amongst WWE fans despite working most of his career as a heel.

But it was during his run as a face between 2003 and 2005 that we witnessed the peak of 'Latino Heat' and on his 53rd birthday, we're remembering his finest moment inside the ring. 

Beating Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship in February 2004. 

After winning a battle royal to challenge the young, but already established Beast at No Way Out, Guerrero upset the odds to win the coveted belt in front of a sell out crowd. 

Guerrero's finest WWE moment came vs Lesnar

The 30-minute match itself was an absolute classic, with Lesnar using his size advantage to dominate the early exchanges. 

He looked to finish the bout by hitting an F-5 but accidentally knocked the referee down in the process, meaning there was no one to count his pinfall. 

While the official was still down, Goldberg interfered to hit Lesnar with a spear, allowing Guerrero to cover for a pin of his own. The Beast though, kicked out at two. 

The match was an instant classic

An enraged Lesnar got back to his feet and went after Eddie to put him away, leading to one of the most memorable finishes in history. 

Guerrero countered a second F-5 with a DDT - spiking Lesnar onto the WWE Championship - to set up the Frog Splash that won the gold. 

His win sent the crowd into a frenzy, who were witnessing Latino Heat reach the top of the mountain for the first time in his career - walking out the building as a world champion.   

It was undoubtedly the greatest moment of his WWE career and one we'll never forget. Rest in peace, Eddie. 

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