WWE news: The Undertaker once choked out Kurt Angle for real after fight with Vince McMahon

Undertaker choked out Angle in 2002

Vince McMahon's relationship with The Undertaker is well documented. 

In The Deadman's 'Last Ride' WWE Network series, both men speak incredibly high of each other and it's clear they've respected each other since day one.

We also know that Undertaker would go to war for Vince. They're a pair that you'd imagine in the trenches together, fighting side by side. 

So when the boss is threatened - even in a playful manner - you can bet The Phenom will be standing right behind, ready to fight his corner.  

Kurt Angle found that out the hard way on the infamous 'plane ride from hell' back in 2002. Let's set the scene.

You've got a bunch of intoxicated, rowdy WWE stars causing havoc on an airplane back from their UK tour and Vince fancies his chances at taking down Kurt with some amateur wrestling moves.

At the end of the flight, the boss makes one final attempt to drag the Olympic gold medallist down - but not after he was choked out by Undertaker for real. 

Undertaker jumped to the defence of Vince

Sounds pretty mad right? We'll let Angle explain the rest of the brilliant story.

"They tell us to put our seatbelts on because we’re landing and [Chris] Jericho is sitting in front of me," the WWE legend said recently on Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions.

"He looks down the aisle and Vince is army crawling as we hit the ground. Jericho looks back and says 'do you believe what this son of a b**** is doing?' 

"I look and I see Vince coming to get me - while we're landing! So, he jumps on me - I let him jump on me - he gets me down and I say 'OK Vince, you win.' 

Angle let Vince 'beat' him

"But earlier, I levelled Vince. I picked him up and slammed him right on his head - boom! I had him down, I gut-wrenched him, and then 'Taker came behind me grabs me and just tightens it.

"I mean I could not move. This son of a b**** had me in a chokehold and there was nothing I could do about it.

"You know 'Taker. He's a badass, strong as hell and he knows submissions. So he had it locked on me and I was like 'I'm tapping, I'm tapping! Taker, let me go!' 

Angle and Undertaker are good friends now

"I knew it was him because he's so damn tall. So yeah, Taker got in on the action a little bit."

Absolute carnage. What we'd give to have been a fly on the wall during that 'plane ride from hell'...

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