'World's strongest footballer' Adebayo Akinfenwa declares himself for upcoming WWE Draft

Akinfenwa has declared for the WWE Draft

Adebayo Akinfenwa has quite the cult following. 

The Wycombe striker may not be blessed with natural football talent, but due to his ridiculous strength and physique, has managed to carve out a successful career in the Football League.

He’s even been ranked as the strongest player on various editions of FIFA, which has further boosted his stock amongst English football fans. 

Akinfenwa is 38 now though and his career could soon be drawing to a close after a quite incredible 720 professional appearances. 

So what could come next for the self-proclaimed ‘beast’? Well, if he gets his wish, he’ll be competing in WWE soon. 

Ahead of this week’s draft, in which RAW and SmackDown will make their roster picks for the next year, Akinfenwa has declared himself as available. 

‘Is… is that even possible?’ we hear you ask. Well, in the world of WWE, never say never. 

Akinfenwa wants to move to WWE

On Thursday evening, Akinfenwa posted a video on his social media, sending a message directly to Vince McMahon demanding a call-up.

“There’s been a lot of rumours, a lot of whispers, so I’m declaring myself right now for the WWE Draft!” he said.

“It all goes down this Friday night live on SmackDown. So this is message is for the RAW and SmackDown GMs, for the commissioner, Mr Vince McMahon himself. 

The WWE Draft happens this week

“You know what’s synonymous with me. You got my number, hit me up on WhatsApp! There’s a lot of people that’s affiliated with the word ‘The Beast’, or ‘Beast Mode’, but there can only be one.”

Not content with just sending a message to McMahon, Akinfenwa also went on to directly call out WWE’s resident ‘beast’ – Brock Lesnar. 

“So if I’ve gotta call out Brock Lesnar himself, so be it,” he continued.

“Drew McIntyre, listen. I say what I believe, and I believe what I say. No procrastinating, let’s get it done. And yes, I’m still balling – but in life, we always find a way. So let’s find a way!” 

Akinfenwa’s offer didn’t go unnoticed either, with WWE Champion McIntyre replying soon after. 

“Wycombe already done with you? Tell you what since you want in on the WWE Draft I’ll have a word with ‘Commissioner’ Vince & ‘hit you up on the WhatsApp’,” he tweeted.  

What are you waiting for, Vince? Sign him up! 

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