WWE news: Randy Orton pays beautiful tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero on his 53rd birthday

WWE star Orton pays tribute to the late, great Guerrero

October 9 would have been Eddie Guerrero's 53rd birthday. 

The legendary WWE star was beloved by fans and colleagues alike before his untimely death in 2005.

'Latino Heat' was taken well before his time but left us with great memories from a career that spanned almost two decades.

To celebrate Guerrero's life and legacy, plenty of WWE stars and legends have been paying tribute to him this week - as they do every year. 

On Friday night, Randy Orton shared a heartwarming tribute on his social media, thanking Eddie for the impact he had on The Viper's early career.

"I knew Eddie for a couple years. I was so young and knew that I shouldn't approach him but had the unimaginable job of wrestling in the main event on TV, so I had to," Orton wrote.

"There has always been attitudes egos or whatever backstage, that will never change. But when I met Eddie I forgot everything that I was supposed to know about the wrestling business. 

Orton's brilliant tribute to Guerrero came on his 53rd birthday

"Here was this top talent, that cared enough to give me the time of day.

"When I thought that a simple word would bother him, or he would tell me to 'F- off', I quickly realized that I was dead wrong and that he GAF.

"He saw a young newcomer to the biz who was excited to work with him and he took the time to make me feel comfortable.

Orton thanked Eddie for his help

"I take that with me these days, the understanding that the new guys aren't anything more then exactly how I USED to be. He made me feel welcome. He made me feel important.

"I will forever miss him and can say without a doubt that he was one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. RIP." 

A beautiful tribute from one WWE legend to another. You really are missed, Eddie. 

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