WWE news: What was originally planned for Roman Reigns and his storyline with Jey Uso

Reigns and Uso aren't finished in WWE yet

Roman Reigns is doing his best work in WWE right now. 

The Big Dog returned at SummerSlam with a new attitude, aligning himself with Paul Heyman to become the heel that fans were desperate to see. 

He quickly captured the Universal Championship one week later and since then, has been feuding with his cousin Jey Uso. 

Not many expected to see Jey thrown into the title picture, but it's fair to say his programme with Reigns has been must-watch.

In fact, it's been so good that the pair will face off again at Hell in a Cell later this month, having already battled at the Clash of Champions PPV last month. 

But that wasn't originally the plan.

Speaking to Pete Rosenberg, Jey revealed that his feud with Roman was supposed to be a 'one and done' deal, to set his cousin up with a bigger opponent.  

Reigns vs Uso was supposed to be a one-time match

"This was a one and done, supposed to be," he said, per talkSPORT.

"They were like 'this s**t is fire right here, bro'. I think I was just to get Roman to the next homie but man, [but] you see the storytelling, this is real.

"The feeling's right there, the promos right there. If you watch the match back, the match was basic, what grooved is the damn story and that is the main thing." 

Jey is excited about his feud

Uso went on to explain why he's the perfect person to pull the emotion out of a feud with Reigns, rather than any other top star.

"We showing you real emotion, we showing you feeling. You can put the Fiend with Roman, you can put Seth Rollins with Roman, whoever, whatever, whatever top guy they got, put him with Roman.

"I guaran-damn-tee you, uce, they didn’t pull out emotion, they didn’t pull out real feeling, they didn’t pull out storytelling the way me and uce did that thing. 

Reigns and Uso are in a heated rivalry

"Tell me you didn't feel like you were watching a damn movie, you forgot you were watching wrestling.

"When I watched it back, I was watching that thing like I wasn’t in it. I was like 'man, this is good, this is my best work.'"

We're not arguing with you there, Jey. It's so refreshing to hear a WWE star sound so excited about their work too.

The rivalry continues at HIAC

Strap yourselves in, because it sounds like Reigns vs Uso will give us an awful lot more in the coming weeks. 

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