WWE news: Six dream storylines and matches WWE can pull off following the 2020 draft

Rollins and Reigns could meet in WWE again

The 2020 WWE Draft has been completed and the rosters of RAW and SmackDown are well and truly shaken up.

We saw so many big moves over the weekend, with the likes of Seth Rollins, 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles and Braun Strowman all switching brands.

And with new rosters comes new potential. Potential for dream matches we haven't seen before. 

There are so many storylines we'd love to see moving forward, from championship bouts to simple one-on-one exhibition match-ups.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has new challengers on RAW, for example, while SmackDown has also made some big draft picks.  

So let's get into it.

Here are six dream matches we want to see in WWE. 

The draft has changed the landscape of WWE

6. Daniel Bryan vs Aleister Black 

We're starting big. Bryan vs Black has the potential to bring the house down. 

The two have never met one-on-one in a WWE ring and now 'The Anti-Hero' has been drafted to SmackDown, their paths could finally cross. 

Contrasting wrestling styles and characters would make for the perfect match too.    

Black and Bryan could meet on SmackDown

5. The New Day vs The Hurt Business

The Hurt Business are dominating on RAW right now and drafting two members of The New Day to Monday night can't have been an accident. 

Could we see MVP proposition either Xavier Woods or Kofi Kingston to join the heel faction, breaking up one of WWE's most popular tag teams for good?

It would certainly make an interesting storyline - especially if Big E makes a surprise appearance to save the day. But we think he might have his hands full elsewhere...  

The Hurt Business could take on The New Day

4. Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss (with 'The Fiend')

We have, of course, seen Flair vs Bliss before. But this wouldn't be like the past. 

Alexa has a new attitude and after aligning herself with 'The Fiend', she could be the most dominant force in the women's division.

What better way for WWE to establish her as exactly that by having her bring down Charlotte upon her eventual return? 

Alexa Bliss has a new look

3. Big E vs Kevin Owens

Without his New Day brothers, Big E is about to embark on a singles' run and it's one that could see him capture the Universal Championship in future. 

But right now, he needs to start building some momentum by smashing through all challengers and there's no one better to start with than Kevin Owens. 

After being split from his tag team, we could see a meaner side of Big E moving forward and that kind of character would be perfect to face off against KO. 

KO could face Big E

2. Drew McIntyre vs 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt (with Alexa Bliss)

WWE have built McIntyre into a dominating champion on RAW. He's already been through Rollins and is handling himself well against Randy Orton.  

But could 'The Fiend' be the one to bring an end to his run? We know Bray Wyatt is a main event star now and fans would love to see him in the title picture. 

A feud would be box office and fans would rather see McIntyre drop the WWE Championship to 'The Fiend' rather than someone like Orton. 

The Fiend could face off with McIntyre one day

1. Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

The Big Dog vs The Messiah. For the Universal Championship. It simply has to be done. 

Reigns and Rollins have so much history and now they're back on the same brand, their paths are bound to cross once again. 

We can bet Rollins will go straight into the title picture so once Reigns is done with Jey Uso, a storyline with Seth has to be on the cards. 

There's even scope to bring others into the feud too. Rollins and Murphy vs Reigns and Uso... sure, why not?

Reigns and Rollins could meet on SmackDown

Make it happen WWE. Make all of these matches happen! 

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