WWE news: R-Truth makes AJ Styles break character on-air in hilarious RAW Talk segment

Aj Styles broke character on WWE RAW Talk

R-Truth might not be a main event player in WWE, but he's certainly still one of the best to watch whenever he's on-screen. 

The forty-two time 24/7 Champion is just comedy gold. 

His segments with the title, whether he's winning it or losing it - sometimes in the same show - are simply unmissable. 

On any given night, Truth could be dressed as a woman, swimming in the ocean with sharks or fighting off a pack on ninjas (yes, all of that has happened) to defend his belt. 

Even when he's not in action, he's still hilarious. Just look at what happened on RAW Talk on Monday evening. 

During his appearance with AJ Styles, Truth had a brilliant exchange where he just tried to make the 'Phenomenal One' break character on air. 

He very nearly succeeded too.  

R-Truth was on form during RAW Talk

Turning to AJ, Truth began: "I want to ask you something. I know SmackDown was the house that AJ Styles built, but do you do condominiums, duplexes, two, three-story houses?"

Rather gobsmacked, Styles tried to regain his composure by calling out host Charly Caruso for 'being an enabler' to Truth's shenanigans. 

"Charly, you’re an enabler. That’s what you are. You know he’s talking nonsense and yet you continue to help him out with his nonsense. 

The WWE RAW Talk segment was brilliant

"Condominiums, little homes - what? What are we doing here?" 

In an effort to rescue the segment, AJ then went on to explain why R-Truth shouldn't be taking 'the house that AJ Styles built' moniker so literally.

"It’s the house that AJ Styles built but it doesn’t mean that I actually built it by hand. I’m saying it wouldn’t be what it is today without AJ Styles, that’s what I’m saying." 

AJ's slogan is famous in WWE

Of course, the 24/7 Champion had the final word: 

"Dawg, I was going to ask you for a card of something. That’s disappointing, man! That’s false advertising." 

Check out the full exchange, which took place on WWE RAW Talk, below: 

Absolutely brilliant. Never change, R-Truth! 

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