Premier League: The cost to watch every game with Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime


Premier League fans were outraged to learn about the new pay-per-view plan starting in October.

Supporters across the UK who like to watch their Premier League action have already been forced to splash out on Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime subscriptions for complete coverage.

However, for those hard-core fans who don't want to let a game pass them by, then the bruise in their wallet will get a whole lot bigger after the Premier League unveiled its new plans.

New pay-per-views

Supporters will have to fork out £14.95 on platforms such as Sky Sports Box Office in order to see games like Liverpool vs Sheffield United and Leicester vs Arsenal on their television screens. 

In a time where people are struggling for more than ever with unemployment rising amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it's the last thing that many football fans wanted to hear.

Sure, it's not as though fans need to watch every single game, but with the price creeping towards that of box-office boxing events that happen infrequently, you have to say it seems extortionate.


Outrage from fans

In fact, few people put it better than Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer at The Times, whose scathing review of the Premier League's decision quickly went viral on Twitter.

Winter posted: "£14.95 to watch a game on pay per view is disgraceful. £5, ok, but £14.95? It's disgusting. At a time when PL clubs spent £1.2bn on players. When they'll give agents £200m.

"When so many families are struggling. The creed of greed is in @premierleague DNA but this truly stinks."


Staggering cost difference revealed

Too right, Henry and the absurdity of the pricing of Premier League football on British shores has perhaps never been clearer than when it's compared to the broadcasting situation in Australia.

Australian sports channel Optus Sport posted a newspaper cutting on their Twitter account on Thursday highlighting the difference between the prices Down Under and in the UK.

Not only did they reveal that the UK cost is over 6,000 Australian dollars more than their price, but they even pointed out that it would literally be cheaper to live over and watch it in Australia.

Check out the astonishing tweet down below:

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

Right then, ladies and gentlemen, who's game for a trip to New South Wales?

Look, I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of broadcasting prices, but I can't image a world where the TV companies are deliberately trying to rip everybody with an evil smile on the face.

That's not to mention the fact that, let's face it, who actually goes out of their way to watch every single Premier League live and in its entirety?


That being said, it doesn't justify a price that has only been £4 cheaper than some Anthony Joshua fights, which are far more understandable in their cost as they only take place every six months.

Either way, though, you know the combined prices are bordering on ridiculous when it would literally be cheaper to hop over to Australia and enjoy each and every game from Bondi Beach.

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