Football Manager 2021: Everything you need to know about the new features


With Football Manager 2021 scheduled for release on November 24, a recent trailer has promised fans of the game a bunch of new features, and tactics, to improve user experience. 

It's a new move from the game developer Sports Interactive, who didn't release a similar video last year.

The minute-long clip shows how the upgrades have added depth and authenticity, allowing players to develop their managerial nous like never before. 

One of the most significant additions to FM 2021 looks to be the addition of far more advanced match analysis stats in the form of expected goals (xG). It will allow managers to assess the quality of a shot from 1-12 and adapt accordingly. 

Heatmaps will also feature in the game, meaning managers can take stock of their players' positions and change tactics. 

The pre-match advice screen has been altered to be more user-friendly, and the matchday screen, and particularly substitutions, seems to have been neatened to make it as easy as possible for the manager. For example, sub fitness will appear in a dropdown screen during the game. 

There are several changes in your management style, one of those being the ability to decide how you engage with your players during chats.

Recruitment meetings are also coming to FM 2021, which means managers can meet with their team to decide where improvement is needed and how the squad can be bettered. Similarly, you're given more chance to deal with the press and see what they think of you. 

And, allowing even more squad improvement, you can now enquire about a player's availability with their agent. 

On a broad note, Leicester City FC has now been licensed in the game, while a new area has been introduced called "Moments to Remember," which will document the biggest moments for your team. 

As in previous years, those who buy the game through Steam (and now Epic Games) will also receive Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac) for free.


This will also be the first time Football Manager comes to Xbox since 2007, with the Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, which will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The game is currently available to pre-purchase for £35.99, with a 10% discount and Early Access, two weeks before the full release date on November 24. 

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