Who has the best football kit in the world? The top 20 have been named


The new domestic season is underway and we’ve all had a chance to take a glimpse of some of the new signings in action.

But not only that, we’ve had a chance to take a look at all the new shirts in action.

Fans may not be able to wear the new shirts to stadiums at the moment but that won’t stop the very nicest designs from flying off the shelves – even if supporters can only wear them in their living room.

This season, we’ve seen some incredible new shirts.

Here at GIVEMESPORT, we’ve ranked the best Premier League shirts and Champions League shirts this season.

But what about all the best shirts in the entire world?

Well, footy.com have done all the hard work and ranked the top 100 shirts for the 2020/21 season.



Check out the top 100 HERE.

But we’ve decided to bring you the top 20 courteously of the fantastic work from footy.com.

Let’s take a look:

20. North Ferriby FC – Away

You may not even have heard of the club that plays in the Northern Counties East division but they have a quite beautiful away strip for the new season. Not only is it beautiful but it’s made from the equivalent of 16 recycled plastic bottles. David Attenborough would be proud.


19. RB Leipzig – Third

Just like RB Leipzig themselves, this shirt is going to have plenty of haters. But you can’t deny that it’s eye-catchingly brilliant, can you?


18. AS Monaco – Away

Monaco are renowned for a two-tone shirt but, rather than the white and red of their home strip, they’ve opted for navy blue and yellow for their away strip. It works beautifully.


17. Norway – Away

A bit like Liverpool’s away shirt for the new season, this Norway strip is wavy in more than one way. It’s also supposed to mimic the Norwegian icebergs, a wonderful touch.


16. Motherwell – Away

Is your mother well? Sorry. This is very Sampdoria-esque but they’ve managed to squeeze their famous amber and claret onto their away shirt.


15. Slovenia – Away

This is spectacular. The white motif looks like a Slovenian mountain range and brings together the green and blue delightfully.


14. Portland Thorns – Away

Not the only Portland Thorn shirt that appears in the top 20. They’ve certainly played on the ‘thorn’ theme but it’s subtly brilliant, rather than tacky.


13. Manchester City – Away

A nod to the city of Manchester, this design has certainly split opinion but you simply can’t disagree that the dark shades with copper and gold works perfectly.


12. Red Star FC – Home

Oh wow. This isn’t Red Star Belgrade but, instead, a team playing in France’s third division. This design is made up of drawings of fans, players and other influential symbols in the club’s history. We love it. It’s not the only shirt you will see from Red Star FC in this list…


11. South Korea – Away

Just missing out on the top 10 is South Korea’s ‘white tiger’ shirt. Far better than Manchester United’s zebra attempt.


10. Portland Thorns – Home

The second Portland Thorns shirt makes the top 10. You can’t go wrong with black and red, while the roses (remember the thorn theme?) is a lovely addition.


9. Slavia Prague – Away

One half dedicated to the city of Prague, the other half plain. It shouldn’t work but it just does. Well played Puma.


8. Southend United – Away

Southend have a mesmerising diamond pattern on their sky blue away shirt and it works really well. They might be in League Two but they have a Premier League kit.


7. Ajax – Away

You’ve probably all seen this one by now and that’s absolutely no doubt it’s one of the nicest in the world right now. It’s got beautiful colours, the grainy texture adds a retro feel and the pattern is a treat for the eyes. You simply can’t dislike it.


6. Forward Madison – Third

Who? They compete in the third division in the US and were only founded in 2018. But they know how to create a stunning shirt. It wouldn’t look out of place at a beach restaurant on a Caribbean island.



Roma have done away from their traditional club crest and gone for a lone wolf. The ivory colour with a tint of the traditional maroon and yellow works magnificently.


4. Nigeria – Home

Nigeria produced one of the best shirts in football history back in 2018 but this is right up there. The central badge and Nike Swoosh works brilliantly, while the abstract triangles catch the eye.


3. Inter Milan – Third

If you think of anything other than Brazilian Ronaldo when you set eyes on this shirt, then we pity you. Ronaldo helped Inter Milan win the 1997/98 UEFA Cup wearing an almost identical shirt to this and the Pirelli sponsor is iconic.


2. Red Star FC – Away

Here they are again. France’s third oldest club have produced a stunning away shirt to go with their home strip.


1. Bristol City – Goalkeeper Home

If you’re not rating this shirt, get off our page now! Hummel have replicated Peter Schmeichel’s 1992 European Championship-winning Denmark shirt and it’s an absolute belter. It’s got real cheese room at Oceana vibes but can you imagine being a striker and having a goalkeeper bear down on you with this rascal top on? You’d bottle it, wouldn’t you?

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