FIFA 21: A new speed boost glitch has been discovered that will make your attackers unplayable


FIFA 21 is barely a week old, but players have already begun to uncover the tips and tricks that will help you play your way to virtual glory.

Pace has routinely been the most crucial stat in FIFA down the years - and the latest instalment is no exception.

A speed boost glitch has been highlighted by YouTuber MattHDGamer to enable players to leave defenders for dead.

Best employed with those who have balance and agility in the upper 80's (the likes of Sadio Mane, Bernardo Silva and Lionel Messi for example), this tip will see your attackers reach maximum speed with ease and ghost past the opposition. 

To execute, hold L1 on PS4 (LB on Xbox One) and dribble with the left joystick, then immediately let go of L1 (LB) and then press R2 (RT) and watch as your player sprints away.

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So significant is the advantage offered by the glitch, that top 100 FIFA player Viperlization believes it will need to form a key part of anyone's strategy if they are aiming to win the FIFA Ultimate Team Championships.

Viperlization also revealed that he himself makes use of the speed boost, finding it most effective when cutting in from wide positions or playing on the counter.

MattHDGamer's YouTube video showcases Neymar using the boost to win his side a penalty and it really is something to behold.

The speed hack, though, is not the only one to have been uncovered since the game's release.

YouTuber Wrzzer has also called attention to the fact that it is possible to score direct from corners, so long as you have the right player on set piece duty.

To execute the audacious feat, you will need a player with a high curve rating. Names such as Ricardo Quaresma, Hakan Calhanoglu, James Ward-Prowse and Trent Alexander-Arnold are perfect candidates.

The key to pulling this move off is to direct the aiming circle behind the back post. Players must then use the left stick to apply curve, before then adding power.

It is early days in the lifespan of FIFA 21 and these will be far from the only helpful hints that will emerge as time goes on. However, the speed boost glitch, in particular, looks set to be one of the most significant.

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